Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days of thanks... day 30

I can't believe it's day 30 already.  How did that happen to fast?  The older I get the faster time goes.  It should be the other way around.  It's kinda like after you have been to a place once... any repeat trips to that same place go much faster... at least it seems that way.  I travel an hour each way to work.  I could do it in my sleep anymore, and sometimes it seems I have.  I know that's not good.   Thankfully I have not dozed off while behind the wheel... if I felt that way, I'd pull over and take a "power nap" even if it meant I'd be late.  "Better late than never." 

Wow... tomorrow is December 1st.  Nearly all my Christmas shopping is done and I am getting the box ready for Heather and family.  I didn't spend much this year,  because a lots of my shopping was either sales items or thrift store finds.  I started much earlier this year and hope to do that again in the future.  I made many of the gifts too, especially for those who will appreciate homemade items more.  It is true that some people just don't like homemade gifts, but others do, so to be fair I want to make sure everyone recieves something they are happy with.

I'm thinking we will be home for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to that too.  Joanna probably will come over and share at least part of the day with us. 

By the way... she sold her Butterfly sculpture... yeah!

I guess this 30 days of thanks has given you a little glimpse into our lives and I've enjoyed reading the others who participated.  It's interesting to see what others are thankful for.  I guess the top items on my list would be The Lord Jesus, my family, my sweet husband, my wonderful church family, my job, my home, my beasts and the land we live on and it is all given to me by the mighty hand of God to whom I am ultimately thankful all the time.  I know that in this life all could be taken away, but I will always have the Lord Jesus in my heart and that can never be taken away.  My home in Heaven is secure so I have a blessed hope that never fades.

I hope as you went through these past 30 days with us, you have seen the faithfulness of God.  It is my true prayer that folks will see the Love of the Lord in my life.  As I get older this becomes more important to me.  I know some of my family reads these posts as well as many I have never met.  Just so you know, I am aware that my ways are not always perfect and never would I claim that, but God is perfect and He will keep me from stumbling as long as I lean on Him.  Some say that God is a crutch, but that's OK if you.re a cripple.  Because of that old sin nature, I know I am weak, but He is strong.  He remembers that I was formed from dust.  It is only by His grace that I can greet each day. 

Thank you God for your faithfulness to me even though I am so unworthy.

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