Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days of Thanks... day 28

Sunday... my favorite day of the week.  We got up early after a rough night on a 3/4 bed.  Mr. D had a hard time with asthma last night, but he has been having trouble off and on for about a month now.  We are not sure what is triggering it, but being weak now it gets set off by any small thing.  I thought at first it might be molds, but seems it might be something else.  I hope with the dryer winter weather he will not have soo much trouble now.  Makes me thankful I can breathe.  It isn't fun watching him struggle to take each breath.

We had a good day at church this morning.  We went to Bryant Pond Baptist, a little church we've been to several times before.  The pastor is planning on leaving in January, so that is not so good.  I hope they are able to find another pastor soon.  They are good people and the message was very good. 

Then we left right away after church and headed toward home.  Mr. D was concerned that the chickens would run out of water since it is frozen up and not flowing anymore.  We had good traveling weather, stopped for a little lunch in Conway, NH and got home around 3pm.  Mr. D checked on the chickens and then laid down to take a little nap.  While he napped, I made supper and finished up one of my homemade Christmas gifts.

We cleaned up and then headed to church.  It was great to be home with our church family.  We had a good service and time of fellowship and then after getting some milk at the farm... went off to bed early.  So concludes our Thanksgiving celebrations. 

The truth is, there is not one day that I am not thankful for something.  Even when we don't have such a good day, there is always something to be thankful for. 

I pray you had a wonderful Sunday too.

I had a long talk with my brother this weekend too.  He is a good man and Cindy is such a sweet sister-in-law.  They have 2 sons who are serving the Lord with their wives and families.  I haven't even met two of his grandchildren yet.  One of these days I'm going to pick up Brandon and head down to South Carolina for a visit.  It would be nice for Brandon to meet his great aunt and uncle and meet the cousins.  Suppose now I'll have to wait till everyone is home again.  One of my nephews is in the Dominican Republic and the other is on deputations to go to Australia.  Yikes... we'll be even more spread around!

I thank the Lord for Paul and Cindy and their family.  I know my dad and mom would be very pleased as well to see that their children are missionaries.  My dad and mom had a heart for missions and served the Lord all their married lives. 

Love you all.

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