Friday, November 19, 2010


Saturday the sun was shining.  My "Sweetie" went to the church for a work day and I went off to shop at thrift stores and at my favorite grocery store. 

In my travels I visited several thrift stores and picked up some nice stuff.  I'm pretty excited about Christmas.  Guess I'd better get some wrapping paper soon, or make some gift bags.

My daughter is moved into a camper this weekend.
Joanna's new home.  It is way out in the middle of nowhere.  She's turned it around, added a porch and a wood stove now.
We'll went over on Sunday afternoon to pick up some of her things and bring her some wood to burn in her little wood stove.  I pray the Lord keeps her safe in that little tiny home.  I thank the Lord for providing her with a home and that it is warm.  I remember when the girls were little we'd come in from the cold winter weather into our warm and cozy home and I would thank the Lord for the warmth of our home. 

It will be a cold winter and it is coming.  We've had some cold already with a little snow, but not enough to really freeze the ground yet.  I hope you are all staying warm where you are.

I thank the Lord for days off to recoop and regroup and get errands done.  I also thank Him for a  good job so we can pay the bills.

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