Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanks.... day 21

Yea!  It's Sunday and we had a wonderful church service.  Good fellowship.... good message of encouragement from God's word.... a reminder to Thank the Lord for His goodness.  We will be having a Thanksgiving Prayer and Praise on Wednesday. 

I have lots to thank the Lord for today.  I finished the beets!  It was a chore I was not looking forward to.  I dug them up a few weeks ago, but those three 5 gallon buckets had been sitting near the door... right in the way... since then... staring at me... well... I finally got going and of course once your going it's hard to stop.   Objects in motion and all ya know.

We got 32 quarts of frozen beets and I really packed those bags full too 'cause I didn't want to stop and have to run to the store to buy more freezer bags.    The larger ones were chunked up.  The medium size ones were sliced and the little ones (took me 4 hours to peel the pot full) were left whole.  Now my hands look like I have been working on the car all weekend.  I don't use gloves because they slip off the skins and I want to grip on so they pop out of their skins and I don't have to use a knife for persuation.

Thank the Lord the beets are DONE!

Not my beets or my picture.  Picture compliments of Google.  Glad mine are not in this form anymore... at least till next year.  By next year I will forget all the trouble they were and will actually WANT to grow some more!

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