Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks....

My younger daughter's name is Heather.  Heather is also very courageous.  She is lovely in every way and also a very determined person.  She has accomplished lots in her 29 years.  She is very competitive.  When she played basketball in high school she achieved 1000 points during the 3 years she played.  She moved to DC to stay with my brother right after high school, then met and married Dexter and they have a son, Brandon.  She decided to be a police officer and went to the police academy to complete her training.  She has been an officer for a few years now.  Her primary job is to work with community relations.  Still very organized and gets things done.

I love her very much and pray for her safety all the time as you can imagine.  Even though she works in the community with the families, that doesn't mean she is out of harm's way.  She also works as security in a local pharmacy.  They live right in the heart of DC and that is where she works.

Here she it... that pretty little girl of mine with a huge responsibility.

Dexter, Heather and Brandon, taken in last year's blizzard in DC

Christmas Day 2009

I thought I had a picture of Heather in uniform.  If I find it, I'll add that later.  Sorry Heather.  Maybe you could email me one.  I have a huge file of pictures and they aren't well organized yet.

Isn't she lovely... and beautiful?  

I'm thankful for my "little Heather".

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  1. how very special, Mrs. D, that you are sharing your daughters with us (and their families!). WOW, you have some pretty amazing girls. :) And I can sense your love for them, too. Have a great Sunday tomorrow (not sure when you'll read this comment); you can be assured I'll be AT CHURCH. :) God bless.