Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Days of Thanks ... day 24

After a very windy night and waking up to ice and snow it actually is turning out to be a beautiful sunny day. 

This morning I heard a helicopter overhead... not a good sign for our "neck of the woods" 'cause it is usually a flight for life helicopter.  Sure enough on my way to work there was a horrible accident.  An SUV caught the edge of the road it looks like and flipped into the woods.  I'm sure the icy conditions did not help, but it is a bad corner anyway and if your tire slips off the side there is not much to stop you from going off.  Last winter a Fire and Rescue vehicle went off there.  Looks like the driver's side front was in bad shape.  By the time I arrived on the scene they were just pulling the car out.  I think if you have time... take a minute to ask the Lord to intervene on the behalf of the driver.  I didn't recognize the vehicle, but it was probably a local resident/commuter.

I thank the Lord for safety in traveling.  I put lots of miles on my little Neon.  I bought the car in 2001 new and it now has 230,000 miles on it.  My commute takes me 1 hour each way though often that is due to traffic.  I go past 2 schools and for some reason our rural area has at least 3 school buses on one stretch of road.  They probably take off onto little side roads somewhere along the way.  Depending on the time I get started I have an alternate route that takes a little less time even though it is longer distance. 

I haven't yet missed a day of work due to weather, thank the Lord.  I know there's always a first time.  I've been late a few times because the traffic goes slow on the worst days, but if I start out early enough I can usually get there at a decent time. 

On really bad weather days the worst is the driveway, but it's all downhill and there's usually enough snowbank at the bottom to stop me :)

Winter has officially started I guess. 

The wind was ferocious last night... blowing things all around the yard.  A ladder was laying across the driveway this morning... right where I usually park.  I didn't park there last night instead leaving my car in the dark away from the house... no particular reason... there was actually a few things to bring in from the car too.  God in His infinate mercy directed my feeble brain to park where I did.  Thank you Lord for your protection.

Tomorrow I will not be on the internet, I will be having wonderful fellowship and eating lots of good food... check out the menu here... sounds like way too much food, but as Mrs. T says... leftovers ARE good.  I'm looking forward to the pumpkin pie :)  and of course the fellowship with good friends.

My daughter will be there too and that will be extra special!

I hope and pray you have a wonderful day with your family this Thanksgiving.

(thanks Mrs. T for this beautiful picture)
God Bless!


  1. Praise God for His protection on your car. dID U hear any more about the wreck? I always tend to pray when I hear sirens...

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving ... and the pumpkin pie!

  2. Your winter beginning & our Summer starting. I do feel for you & your travel to work - I have about 30 -45min drive to work each way, but it is on rural roads - of course I do need to watch out for the kangaroos which can hop out without warning from the bush & grass, straight out in front of the cars! Take care with the snow & do enjoy your pumpkin pie!, Hugs Sharm

  3. We give thanks for safe traveling every single day when we bless our meals. I'm so glad to meet someone else with a long commute. I travel 50 minutes each way (on a good day) to work at a library, and my husband does a one hour and 20 minute commute three times a week to his job. When we got married, we wanted to live simply and affordably without going into much debt, and could not afford to live any closer to where we worked. We hope that will change in the future, but the heavy traffic on the road shows me that we are far from alone. Last year was the first time that the snow stopped us from getting out of our driveway. I can remember shoveling and finding a thick sheet of ice under the snow. I hope this winter will be more merciful to us all.

  4. Our Thanksgiving was very nice; I hope yours was as well.