Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanks.... day 22

Today is a typical Monday.  I was sleepy this morning, but once I got up and going it was better.  Woke up cold and there was a layer of ice all over my car.  I had gone outside to put away the laundry basket into the laundry room and noticed the ice, so I stopped to get the car started and warmed up.  Then I went back in and ate my bowl of chocolate flavored cheerios ;)  (had a coupon), and by the time I was ready to leave the car was all toasty and all the ice was melted... thank the Lord.  I hate chipping ice off the windsheild.

It has been a busy day at work and so I am thankful for that.  Makes the time go by quickly.

I have supper all ready too... made a chicken in the grill yesterday and have veggies all ready to pop on the stove.

I finished my cross stitch today and will try to post a picture soon... it needs to be washed and I have a frame all ready for it.

Since Mr. D doesn't read the blog so I guess it's safe to post it prior to Christmas since it is meant to be a gift for him.  It will hang in his new office when we move back into the mobile home.

Well, enough rambling... I guess I am thankful today that I didn't have to chip ice off the windsheild this morning and that I was able to finish the cross stitch gift for Mr. D.

Thank you Lord for taking such good care of us!

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