Friday, November 19, 2010

OK I think I might be caught up now....

Now I must tell you what happened Monday.

I came into work and opened my email and this message came up....

The Winner is Mrs. D!!!

What a surprise!  I had entered the giveaway Conny was doing... I never win anything... but Yea!  I won.

This is what I got with my CSN store gift certificate.  I could have done a little Christmas shopping, but I have looked at these for quite a while now and it will benefit our family... so not completely selfish.

and still had enough left for one of these

We make all our own bread and the flour we use is quite expensive stone ground whole wheat.  I'm going to try growing some next year.  Don't know what I'm in for but it's worth a try.  Also found a source for wheat berries, so may get 50# and give it a go.  I tried it out the day it came and it was quite simple to use.  I think with just a few minutes of grinding I would have enough for a loaf of bread.  Maybe not as finely ground as what we're used to, but I like a little crunch anyway.  

How exciting.

Thank you Connie!!!

Today I am thankful for my new grain mill and steamer.


  1. AWESOME!!! I'm so glad YOU won - and that you found something so useful for your family :) :) :) <--- makes me SMILE!

  2. How fun!! :) Was the source you found for wheat berries local? I would be interested in hearing more about that if you want to email me sometime . . . that's something we would like to do (grind our own wheat) but we don't have a grinder yet. Hopefully someday!

    Thanks for letting us know about the free chickens; I told Jim about them but he decided don't need anymore right now. We'll see how ours do through the winter, but right now they are still averaging 3 eggs/day, which is giving us plenty for our little family! We are really enjoying them!

  3. Thank you ladies for visiting my crazy blog. I get a bunch of posts typed up and then don't have time to publish them. I hope you can keep it all sorted.

    Carrie... I just spoke to King Arthur flour and they have wheat berries. Not sure of the price, but I'm going to check it out. The other source is a place called Bulk Whole Food... the web address...

    I haven't ordered anything from them yet, so maybe wait till I get an order and see how things go. I don't like to recommend anything until I have tried it out myself first.