Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30 Day of Thanks... day 23

Today I am thankful for energy.  Last night I was able to complete a couple tasks that I had not been able to accomplish this weekend.  I also was able to put 10 qts of brocolli into the freezer plus 2 large bags of red pepper halves to use for stuffed peppers.  Everytime we get some I toss them into the freezer and they are yummy filled with squash/onion/sausage... ok I've already posted that recipe.

I was also able to finish the cross-stitch for Mr. D.  I didn't take a picture yet, 'cause it is not dry yet so not framed.  It'll look lots nicer in a frame.

Had a great night's sleep and busy day at work.  Talked to Joanna today too.  She's feeling a little under the weather (usual cold and flu season stuff), but she is warm in her little camper and her new little kitty "Cinder" is doing well and becoming more friendly - he was a stray abandoned kitty, very tiny. 

So today I am very thankful for the energy to get things done and the time to do it.

Head over to Conny's blog for more 30 Days of Thanks.  Lots of cute pictures too :)

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  1. I have a kitty named Cinder too! Her sister us Ella (CinderElla).

    Hope Joanna is feeling better soonest!