Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 Days of Thanks.... day 26

I had to work today, but it was quite slow.  Many coworkers were off, so that made it a little more interesting.  Still a little "stuffed" from yesterday.  Perhaps I will get out of work a little early today.  We are headed to Maine either tonight or tomorrow morning to be with Mr. D's family.  I love going there to be with them... it's lots of fun and we usually play games around the big dining room table.  There's usually lots of good food and children playing.  Mr. D's sister has 4 girls... all younger... though each time I see them they are older (of course they can't stay little forever).  One of them has a birthday tomorrow.  She will be 9.

Mr. D has a wonderful family.  I'm so glad to be a part of it.  He has 3 sisters and I never had any growing up, so it is fun to spend time with other women my age and be a part of their extended family.

If the chicken's water is not frozen up, we will leave tonight.  If it is too cold we will leave in the morning.  I opt for the morning.  It's nice to travel in the light of day and tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather too.

It's hard to believe this is already day 26!  Where did this month go?  We have snow on the ground and winter has officially taken over.  The road was a little slippery this morning, but by tomorrow maybe all this will be melted off :)  *hope, hope*

Today I am thankful for a nice warm home and warm clothes and satisfied tummy.  I think of many who don't have these things.  In this coming year, I would like to volunteer some time to help with a food pantry or a shelter somewhere to try and help others... especially in our own area... who are hurting.  Many folks are out of work right now.   We have some neighbors who have been especially hurt because of the lack of mill work.  The lumber business is suffering because of the slump in new construction.   I've noticed a lot more hunters out this year than in the past.  Folks are trying to get meat on the table.   If the Lord allows us to, I would like to grow more veggies in the garden next year so that some could be donated to the local food bank.  I do visit the area dumps and thrift stores, so perhaps get together a collection of nice coats/children's clothing that could be given to those who are in need.  One of the ladies in our church, her mother is working with the local food bank, so that may be a place to start volunteering time.  I have cooked for large groups before too and they have a community kitchen in Plymouth.  I may be able to help there on the weekends.  I have a good friend who is working the the Red Cross now and she really is enjoying it.  I think I'll ask her how I might become more involved.  Any other ideas you might have?

It seems a small thing, but what if everyone were thinking that way?  No one would get involved thinking they could not contribute any significant amount.  Nothing would get done.  I'm also thinking of the possibilities of sharing the gospel too.  If I am involved in the lives of others... then the Lord will open opportunities to witness for Him. 

OK... enough brainstorming.  The next move is ACTION! 

Hope you are looking ahead to a wonderful weekend.

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