Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Wow!  It hardly seems that it has been a full week since I wrote a new post.  As mentioned earlier my blog-anniversary is coming up next week.  Keep looking here, there may be a giveaway and "bloggy party".    I love to attend parties, but planning them is not my forte as my girls will tell you.  I'm a great idea person, but carrying this through is not my strong point. 

I promise, however, that there will be something special here on the 15th... one week from today.  We'll just call it a pre-birthday party... my 56th this year.  Am I really THAT old?  Where did the years go?  I don't feel old.  I remember when I was 20 thinking that 56 was old, but maybe it isn't so bad. 

Keep looking... there will be some fun on the 15th.

1 comment:

  1. How exciting!!!! :)
    I've been thinking (or trying to think!) of something do on my blog for Miriam's 1st birthday on the 22nd. I haven't figured it out yet either...
    Well, I"ll be curious to see what you come up with!