Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today is My Blog Anniversary

Happy, Happy anniversary... and today will be the last day to enter for the giveaway.
If you've been putting it off... put it off no longer.  This afternoon at 2pm I will do a drawing and then have one of my kind coworkers draw two names from the "hat".  First will be for the bag and the second will be for the tea set.

I love giveaways... so many new faces to my blog.  Hope you come again sometime soon.

I hope to be doing some more stuff on here in the next year.  I'd like to do some "tutorials" if I can figure that out.  And also more short Bible studies.  I love reading all your news as well.  It's like we have a little community growing here and we have lots of things in common.  I've met good friends like Conny and Gina and Lori (no longer blogging).  What an encouragement you all are to me.  I have "real life" friends I blog with to like Mrs. T and Carrie.  We see each other quite often, but it's still fun to read their blogs and see what they've been "up to".

I love each one of you and you are all very special people.  The best thing is that what binds us together is not so much this blogging business, but our love for the Lord.  Of course there are lots of blogs I've read that have nothing to do with God.  There is good information there, but not the unity that I find with those I read all the time.  Thank you all dear women of God who have encouraged, admonished and helped establish my faith.

I am looking forward to next year and what interesting things will happen.

I'll be back in the morning with the giveaway results.  I'll try to get this out right away so you will get it before Christmas.

Thanks to Mrs. T for the cool pics.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks to Connie for leading me here :)
    It really is funny isn't it....I often say to my kids.."one of my blogger friends" and my kids think it's hilarious...but you REALLY do wind up with a little community of friends! :)

  2. Happy Bloggy-versary! :) BTW, I miss Lori (our Tennessee no-longer-blogging-friend) too!
    Hope you have a GREAT day! GOD BLESS!!

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary to you!!!!:)Nikki