Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As promised to some of my friends, I finally have taken some garden pictures.  This morning on my way down the driveway to work I had a couple of minutes, so thought I'd snap a few shots.

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful garden this year.  Mr. D and I are both amazed at the plants.  This is our first try with corn in this garden and if all goes well, it will be a success. 

thought you'd like a before and after picture.  This is the beet/pea/chard/radish spot  I wasn't sure what would happen to the peas because it was so hot so early, but put them in a shadier spot.  Of course I had to hold the camera in some whacky angle... but you get the idea.

some of the old chard has gone to seed and we have eaten lots this summer so far.  I really like chard... probably better than spinach.  The peas are doing OK... they aren't as high as last years, but they are loaded with pods.  I planted regular peas this year, not sugar snap because Mr. D prefers these and said he would shell them :)

This is the "before" of the squash/cucumber patch.  We left the lower part of this area fallow and you can see now what happens when the garden is left to it's own "devises"...
This is from the other side, but all in the foreground are weeds... lots of weeds.  You can see that the squash have filled in a little and then have gone on to overtake the fallow area as well.  We were going to till this over a couple of times this summer, but guess that's out of the question now.

We have harvested:
some beans
some peas
and lots, lots more to come.

Thank you Lord!

jacob cattle, romano pole beans, tomatoes, and more squash (planted late).


  1. Your garden looks lovely. We have a weed patch too, but no plans to harvest it. :) I couldn't believe you're still getting things like peas, but then I see you live farther north. Everything looks so green and healthy. Your beans and squash look great.

  2. Right after I took those pictures last Wednesday we had a terrible storm. They called it a "down burst" similar in nature to a tornado, but because we have mountains all around it doesn't travel very far. This storm took out many trees all around us. Thank the Lord it did not really hit our little patch of ground, but the strong wind blew over all that corn patch. It was completely flat. I should have taken a picture. We thought it would be a total loss. However, God in His great mercy has caused that corn to stand back up on it's own and it is again growing strong. Thank you Lord!

    We lost one tree which could have blown over the electric lines but fell in another direction. It was an old birch that should have come down, but is just on the other side of the property line, so we did not cut it when we were clearing. Thank you Lord for taking care of that too. Fire wood and also we don't have to be concerned about it coming down in the winter and taking out the power.

    God is so gracious.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.