Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Day Off

Last Friday I took a day off work.  Not just for a little time off, but because I had to go to the dentist in Boston and get my last 2 teeth out.  I'm getting prepared for permanent dentures and needed to get that taken care of.  We woke up about 3:30 am in order to make it to a 8:30 am appointment.  Got there just in time.  Mr D. had an appointment too.  We were all done by 11 am and though I was experiencing some discomfort I decided that we ought to at least enjoy the rest of the day.  We stopped at Market Basket for some lunch stuff (soup for me), and drove to North Hampton State Park Beach and had some lunch and walked along the beach.  It was a cold yet clear and sunny day.  The seagulls at first were a bit interested, but not aggressive and finally fluffed their feathers and hunkered down to keep warm.  I had a little swelling in my face, but took some pictures anyway.

Beautiful day to enjoy with my sweetie.  Look forward to many more.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grandma's 'Lil Peanut


Here it is the middle of October and my Morning Glories are still blooming. I've had to cover them up a few times, and will for the rest of this week, but they are little rays of sunshine to me and I'll try to keep them going as long as I can.

The little bee was a gift from a friend who gives me bees.  My sweetie calls me his "Honeybee" so that's where it started.  I have a small collection of garden bees.

See the "heart rock"  Doug and I found that on the land.  I kept it and used it in the flower bed.

Just a little love and sunshine from me to you.