Monday, February 15, 2016

After the Long Silence

I am not a very good blogger I guess.  Not only have I not written anything here in a long time, I also haven't read too many blogs lately.  I wish I had an excuse, but I think Facebook has taken me away to some extent.  There have been many new changes in my life.  So I'll begin with the new job since that seems to be the most recent and greatest change.

I've left my position at Swish White River LTD after being there for nine years and have taken the Town Clerk's position in our town.  There are numerous differences.  The first is that I won't need to drive an hour to and an hour from work anymore.  I am extremely happy for that as it also gives me a couple more hours to be at home each day and the gas consumption has decreased greatly.  I was doing a small column for the local paper "Talk of The Town" when they needed a correspondent for our town. Because of this I started attending the Select Board Meetings once a week.  This gave me an opportunity to meet more of my fellow citizens and hear what was happening in town politics.  One Tuesday night it was brought up that the Town Clerk was resigning.  This was first sad because we all loved our former Town Clerk and hated to see her go.  In my mind it seemed a very distant chance that perhaps if she was leaving I would be able to "apply" for the position, so I met with her and the Deputy Clerk and had a chat about the opening.  About two weeks later the Select Board appointed me Town Clerk and I began work on January 8th.

There are soooo many things to learn and get straight in my head.  When this is due and when that is due and this law and that law.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd find myself in politics, but I will be running for this office in March.  As far as I know I only have one "contender" who will be a write-in for this election and perhaps will also run on the ballot in two years.  I'm hoping to win this election, but it's really in God's hands and I will be content with what He chooses for me.

At Christmas we went to Maine for our family get-together.  We had a wonderful time and I had taken a few days off work so it wasn't rushed.  The next day on my way to work (actually the day I was supposed to give my notice at Swish White River LTD), it was storming.  Out on route 118 (which is a dilly of a road most people 'round here know well), I slid on the ice and the car hit the guard rail front and back.  The collision totaled our little Honda Civic.  She was a great little car, even though we didn't care for the fact that she was a two-door.  As it worked out it was OK, though now I do not have "my own car" which can be a trial from time-to-time.  I don't really need my own car now since I'm only driving 10 minutes to work from home.  We still have a small pick up truck that works fine and my old Dodge Neon is still on the road after 340,000 miles and we have a couple other non-conventional vehicles that would be fine in a pinch.  If I had a horse, I could ride the horse to work **smile**.

Here are a few shots of my cubicle at Swish White River LTD.  We had a Christmas decorating contest.  Mine didn't win, but it was a lot of fun.

Here's the grand boys waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to get settled so they can start opening their presents.  It was hard to wait! 

Here's Norman with his new "beard hat".  Too cute as always.
Picture Joanna took while out hiking this winter.  Norman loves being outdoors and Joanna has taken him hiking quite a bit.

A gift from Nanna and Grandpa Millett.
Out of the blue one day he told me "When I grow up I'm gonna be a daddy... with a moustache." I guess Nanna and Grandpa thought they'd give him a head start. **grin**.

Great pictures of Brandon and Heather on their recent trip to DC to visit with friends there.  They seemed to have had a great time.  A needed break from the grind.  

Good days to remember in the dead of winter.  This was from this summer when the girls and their boys went camping.  What funny people.

Marvin the noble keeping out an eagle eye.


static!  what fun!

Well, I guess that gets you mostly up to date with the fam.  It's been a very eventful winter and we hope that spring comes soon.  It was neg 18 degrees F yesterday and thankfully all is well.  Our water is not frozen and the cars still start.  Supposed to be in the 30s this week with rain on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Hope it won't be so long till my next post.