Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Sweetie is turning 49.

Today is my Sweeties 49th birthday.  Even though he will tell you he's been 16 ever since he was 12 the truth is he's moving a little slower these days and I can tell 16 has long since gone.  He's such a wonderful husband and I just have a need to tell you about him.

A couple months after Don Peel, my first husband, died in 2001, Mr. D asked if I might be interested in "dating" him.  I told him this probably wouldn't be wise because our life was a little crazy back then.  My father had died in 1995 and my mom was needing care.  She had a stroke which brought on dementia.  The doctors diagnosed this as Alzheimer's.  She declined quite rapidly after that and then later had a fall that caused her even  more problems.  Someone needed to be with her most all the time.  She went to adult daycare, but there were some gaps of time because of my work schedule.  Friends were helping and my daughter helped to care for her.  My youngest daughter had just has a baby.  He was about 2 months old and he would come and stay with me on Sundays.  With one daughter moved out and another on her way out, it was a little chaotic at our home. 

I was still grieving for Don even though we hadn't been together in quite some time (since 1984)   He was still a good friend and someone I could hash things out with when life got a little crazy.  He had been married twice since our divorce.  I knew that even though he was not going to be in my life the same way ever again, he was still a large part of our daughter's lives.  They were grieving too.  His death was very sudden.  He was playing basketball with some friends and just collapsed with a massive heart attack. 

So when Doug, who had been a good friend and coworker for many years, asked me if I might be interested, all I could think about was all the craziness that was my life at that point.  He didn't give up on me.  He brought us a sympathy card and gift.  He was so kind.  He prayed for us.  He broke through that resistance in short order and in April of 2002 we were married.  The church was full to capacity on that wonderful day.

  I think my Sweetie is one of the kindest men ever.  He also has a great sense of humor and can talk to me when I am "nonconversive" and broody, which is especially when I have lots of stuff on my mind.  He must think some times that he's talking to a wall. 

He is very patient with me and he is VERY romantic.  He doesn't believe in bringing me decapitated flowers, but brings me beautiful perennials.   He encourages and tells me I'm the most beautiful, even though wrinkles are taking over and there's sagging in places that never sagged before.

He helped me care for Mom for years before she passed away in 2005 and he sat with me through that really hard time.  He was with me through some difficult family issues and with the passing of Aunts and Uncles and friends.   If I want to spend time with friends or family he is not jealous of our time together.

He fixes my car when it is ailing and keeps it running pretty good for an old thing.  He calls himself a "grease monkey" but he's learned lots working on all the many vehicles we have scatter around. 

He's not able to do everything he would like because of his physical limitations, but he does all he can to make our lives comfortable.  He is patient with me when I spend money meant for other budget categories and gives me "that look" that keeps me in line (most of the time). 

He cares tenderly for our animals.  We have a kitty that had cancer and had to have her leg amputated and he nursed her back.  We also have a puppy that was hit by a truck last year and her whole head was peeled like an orange.  He tenderly picked her up and took her to get stitched up.  He cares for the chickens and ducks and is a great gardener.  We both like to do the same things for the most part and it gives us lots to share as we help one another. 

I love this wonderful husband the Lord has given me.   I thank the Lord that he was persistent.  I thank his parents for raising him to be a good man.  I thank God that He saved him and made him His child and brought us together just at the right time.

I hope he has a wonderful birthday and that the Lord allows him many more to come.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday on the Light Side

Conny from the Hutch Haus sent out a bit of a challenge and I'm passing it along to anyone who cares to participate.

Here's her list of questions and you can either answer these or the ones I have listed at the bottom of this post...

1. How old were you when you first wore make-up (please only tell me this if you are female!!LOL)?  My mom was not in favor of little girls wearing make up so probably in Jr. High and usually I had to sneak it, but Mom would somehow always know.  I was probably horrible at putting the stuff on since I'd had no practice.  After a while I just stopped wearing it except on special occasions.  I have some, but just the basics.

2. If you had "one last request" before you died, what would it be? That all my family would know and love God... actually I could widen that to all people know and love God.

3. How many times a day do you typically check email, facebook, and/or the internet? I check every weekday usually several times.  I do this for work, but also at the same time check my personal email.  It's pretty easy to do that and not waste a lot of time. 

4. What was the last thing you drank? Well, today I had milk, coffee and a cherry Dr. Pepper thanks to my daughter who gave me 1/2 of a case.  I found out this summer that I really like cherry Dr. Pepper again thanks to Joanna :)

5. What outfit or piece of clothing could you just LIVE IN all the time? Jeans and white T-shirt

6. How many sibling do you have - and how many did you want growing up, if any? One brother.  I was happy with him.  I don't remember wishing I had other siblings.  We knew families that had lots of kids and I don't think I really wanted that. 

7. What was your favorite toy/game as a child? I don't remember having a favorite toy, but I do remember the animals in my life.  Kitties and dogs and the neighbors horse.  I guess they were my favorites.  My favorite thing to do was to be outside exploring.

8. What person do you think probably had the MOST influence in making you who you are today? I would say it was my Dad and as I got older my Mom too.  They both lived their lives to honor God and serve Him.  Dad could do almost anything and if he didn't know how, he'd read up on it and figure it out or talk to those who could and that way learn how to do stuff.  I like doing that too.  I wish I had more time to be more adventurous with trying new things.  I think my daughters got that from him too.  Both have branched out into lifestyles and work that are nothing like any of the rest of us.  Of course that could be good and then again it could be bad.  We like to go on adventures.
OK, there is your list of questions:
What is your favorite time of day?
When was the last time you had a bowl of oatmeal?
What is your favorite breakfast?
When you were growing up, did you have a pet? 
If you were to go on an adventure where would you like to go and what would you like to do there?
When you meet someone, is your first impression usually right?
If you were to choose any occupation regardless of the cost of education, what would it be?
How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike and do you still go bike riding?
That's probably enough silly questions for one day.  Feel free to elaborate.  Enjoy and link back here in the comments.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cross

I know this picture is repeated, but just had to share the words to this song.
I purchased the "You are God Alone" CD while I was at the ladies retreat and just had to share these words with you.

The Cross

The cross before us to lead,
The cross behind us to defend,
The cross below us to uphold,
The cross beside us to befriend.
The cross above us to inspire,
The cross within us to consume,
O cross surround us with your power,
Enfold our lives, our souls, our all.

The cross each morning when we rise,
The cross each evening while we sleep,
The cross we see before our eyes,
The cross upon our lips we speak,
The cross be all that we would hear,
The cross be all that we believe,
The cross be with us in this life,
The cross be with us when we leave.
The cross before us, the cross behind us,
The cross within us, the cross is all we need.
The cross is all we need.

words by Pamela Martin,  music by Craig Courtney
copyright 1998 by Beckenhorst Press

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We had such a wonderful time at the Wilds of New England.  There was lots of great singing, special music, wonderful Bible teaching and exhortation.  It was a time of refreshing the soul.  I don't often get to retreats anymore and this was a special treat.

I'm including a few pictures.  Most of my pictures didn't come out so well.  It was cloudy for the most part.  Saturday afternoon the sun came out, but I didn't get any pictures then because my batteries died.  All the time I had good batteries in the bottom of my purse, but forgot about them, so not many pictures. 

This picture is fuzzy.  One of the other campers took this of us in front of our cabin.  I think her hand was a little shaky though.  I'm including it anyway.  There were 4 from our church and Sara's daughter Carrie.  She's from another church, but of course hung out with us anyway.  We had so much fun together, walking, talking, fellowshipping and just goofing around.

fall decor so pretty

cute little birdhouses with license plate roofs

nice tents that some of the ladies stayed in
all the accomodations were very comfortable and the cloud cover was actually a blessing, 'cause it was not too cold at night

Loved this picture with the beautiful sky... who knew a grey sky would be so gorgeous...

I think the camera was acting funky due to low battery...
glad I got a few pics anyway...

heading back down the hill...
the building ahead is the chapel/dining hall... the other small buildings house administrative offices, Cool Beans coffee shop, bookstore, maintenance and housing for speakers and staff...

Very lovely campus.

If I had been taking these pictures today, all the leaves would have been in full color too.
It was beautiful on my way to work this morning with the sun shining on the beautiful fall leaves.  A moose ran alongside my car for a bit today... a young bull moose.  He finally decided to cross the road... I just let him have his way.  I love living here.

Have a wonderful day.
Our theme song for the conference and one of my favorite verses:

He who began a great work in you-
Will nuture and lead as He said He would do.
You have humbled yourself to His Word have been true;
You've been willing to change now what will you do?

Press t'ward the mark;  strain t'ward the goal;
Press onward and forward, both body and soul
For the Heavenly prize, for the look in His eyes,
And for the crown that will not fade away.
Forget things behind;  reach farther ahead,
Oh, follow the Savior's example instead.
Count all gain as but loss and all loss as but gain
To know Him our glory, our all.

Be not ashamed; with boldness pursue
The approval of Christ  in all that you do.
Proclaim His great Word; be consumed in His love;
Pursue Him alone until with Him above.

Press t'ward the mark;  Strain t'ward the goal;
  Press onward and forward, both body and soul
For the Heavenly prize, for the look in His eyes,
And for the crown that will not fade away.
Forget things behind;  reach farther ahead,
Oh, follow the Savior's example instead.
Count all gain as but loss and all loss as but gain
To know Him our glory, our all.
Jeremiah 32:17
"Ah, Lord God!
Behold, Thou has made the heaven and the earth
by Thy great power and stretched out arm,
and there is nothing to hard for Thee."

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Exciting Day

I am anticipating a wonderful weekend.   A friend had paid for going to a ladies retreat at The Wilds of New England and had other things that came up and was not able to make it, so she gave this gift to me.  I'm so glad she thought of me.  So this afternoon I will be leaving work early and meeting one of my other friends and we will be going to an overnight retreat.   Thank you Lord for these unexpected joys.

I will try to take pictures for ya if I have time to remember the camera.

Last Saturday was a wonderfully clear and warm day.  I was able to get the laundry out and pick the beans and get some sewing done and so thought I'd take a picture or two to share with you.

The time stamp on my camera is not too accurate, but the date is right.  Anyway, these are some fabric edged towels that I made for my neice's wedding.   I saw this idea at Sew 4 Home I bought the towels at the dollar store and thought I'd looked them over quite well, but after the edging was on I noticed a small hole.  So out came the heat and bond and a little embroidery floss and "bam" there's a flower.  Kinds cute, huh?  Should have done that anyway, even if there wasn't a hole.  As you can tell, I like COLOR.  Hope she does :)
Also made some little birb clothes for a lady at work who's daughter is having a baby very soon.  This idea came from Carrie over at Life on a Back Road.

Then from Tip Nut came the scrubbie idea.  Take a 1" strip of netting and knit it right in with your cotton yarn and make a 5"x5" scrubbie to go with the dish cloth.  I love cotton knit dish clothes and have made lots of them now for myself and for gifts.

I had time to pick almost all the beans this weekend.  I left a small section for eating fresh, but we put up all the rest up in the freezer.  I got three pots full after stringing and cutting them.  In the future we will probably can the beans, but just don't have the facilities to do that right now.

Did I mention squash?  Well here's a sampling of what we're getting out of the garden this year.  The pumpkin shape ones are a cross between golden hubbard and buttercup, and the oval shaped ones are golden hubbard.  We also planted a new type this year,  sweet meat.   Out of a whole package of seed we had two plants that made it and they produced two "largish" green squash.  I think I'll save some of the seed from these and try again next year to see if we don't get better germination.  That depends on how the squash taste.

I'm leaving work at 3 today and will let you know next week how the retreat was with pictures hopefully.  
This very appropriate verse was in the Days of Praise this morning. 

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.  Psalm 119:18

This is my prayer for this weekend.... spiritual refreshment.

God is good!  Hope you have a good weekend too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday

At the urging of a good friend I am posting the recipe for stuffed peppers.  These are a favorite at our church pot lucks.  I came up with the recipe 'cause my Sweetie cannot have rice which is what is used traditionally in stuffed peppers.  I like them very much along with stuffed cabbage, stuffed chicken, stuffed belly :)  you get the idea.

Here we go... remember I make them different every time, but this seems to be the favorite:

Mrs. D's Stuffed Peppers

3-4 any color sweet pepper. We like the red ones.

2 cups cooked and mashed winter squash (may use leftovers here or cook ahead).
1 large onion diced
1/2 lb. ground pork (may sub pork sausage but reduce spices)
1 t salt
1/2 t pepper
1/4 t Cayenne (optional)
1 t Italian spices
approximately 1 c cubed sharp cheddar cheese

Remove stem and seeds from peppers and slice in half top to bottom. Set aside any small usable pieces. Spray a baking dish with a little oil spray and place your pepper boats into the pan. They can be snug.
In large frying pan brown meat and onions. Dice up and toss in any remnants of pepper. Add spices and cook until meat is cooked through and all is a little brown. Drain fat off meat. Place cooked squash into a large bowl and add meat mixture. Mix these together well. Scoop into pepper boats making sure to fill. Place cubed cheddar cheese on top of each pepper boat. Pour a little water in the bottom of the baking dish. Bake at 350 F for 45-50 minutes until peppers are soft and cheese is browned.

Don't make it too complicated... all ingredients are negotiable.  I sometimes use turnip/carrot mashed together instead of winter squash, but you could use almost anything.  If you used sausage, which I never have, you could probably eliminate all of the spices depending on what kind of sausage you use. 

Have fun with it.

Here's a few pics of the garden from this week:



(we grow these from saved seeds and each year they are a little bit
different, but always yummy - named for a friend who really likes this)




(from a package... not native wildflowers, but still pretty)


the babies are almost all grown up

As you can see we have many things to thank the Lord for.  We had a wonderful summer with many days of warmth, now we are truly headed into fall.  The leaves are just beginning to change and nights are cooler.  I hate to see summer leave, but it is much easier after having such a nice long summer. 

Just a verse or two to help you through the busy day...

Psalm 24: 1&2
The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.
For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harvest Update

275 lbs chicken
2 qts green beans
8 pts peach preserves
3 qts frozen peaches for baking

our neighbor gave us 3 qts pepper relish... yum!

Thank you Lord, the meat birds are done for another year!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harvest Update

8 quarts pearl onions
10 quarts string beans
10 quarts shell beans
1 quart dry beans
... and counting

not a picture of my onions, but looks like them.... before peeling
my camera was at church, so couldn't take any pictures