Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What a crazy world we live in....

In case you hadn't thought of it...  this is what came into my email box today.

subway lawsuit

I can't imagine sueing for $5 million dollars because the sandwiches I ordered were one inch short of a footlong.  Can you?  We could all afford to go on a 1" diet.  We wonder why businesses are going under?   What in the world are they thinking of when they do stuff like this? 

OK... enough of my "soap-box" for the day.  Just had to mention this.

Friday, January 25, 2013

An update from the Millett Farm

Late January and frigid.  That's about the size of it.  It has been calm around here since Christmas and New Year and our family get together on Jan 5,6.  Mr. D has been studying for a Basics for Believers class he may be teaching.  I have been working on a few crafts and cleaning up around the house and working on Sunday School lessons.  The last few days I've felt a little "under the weather", not sure if it's a touch of flu... hope not.  I had to take a day off work.  Then the next day my fever had passed to I went back w/ sore throat and warned everyone to keep their distance.  Today's a little better, but still feel a little "wimpish".  It will pass and it gave me a chance to finish a book I've been reading and REST.

Thought I'd send a few pictures of our days together and such...

Norman visiting me at work.  Helping Gramma place orders :)

Joanna, Heather, Brandon and Mr. D at our Church Christmas gift exchange.  We'd just eaten a HUGE meal.  This is the after dinner lethargy.

Playing with the new game at Gramma and Grampa's house in Maine with the cousins.

removing the Baklava from the pan to cut.  Soooo yummmy!

block of the month - Craftsy free class - January

Winter sky over the Millett Farm.  This was all wooded when we bought this land and these Maples are quite tall.

The driveway and beautiful winter sunrise glow.  This faces to the North West, so much more light in the evenings, but I don't get to see that since I get home from work after dark.  I do get to see the sunsets on weekends though.

Looking forward to...

Got all the seed catalogs out and have been dreaming of warmer days ahead.

In order to have that, we need to have the snow and cold.  Think of all those bacteria and bugs dying in the -18 degree F winter weather.
Reminds me of the times God puts us aside for a time to work in our hearts
and make us take the time to think on Spiritual things. 
We need that just as much if not more than the land needs a long winter's nap.

I love my family.  My sweet Mr. D and my lovely daughters and their beautiful boys.  It was such a fun stayover with Mr. D's Mom and Dad and family.  I am most blessed.