Friday, January 27, 2012

Whataday... so far

This day actually started yesterday.  Mr. D had changed the oil in my car but found he had the wrong size filter.  He put the old one back on and came to pick me up at work, then he got the right filter.  So after we got home last night he went out in the dark and storm and changed the filter and noticed that one of the tires was low in air.  He went to fill the tire with air and acutally let more air out, 'cause the air compressor was frozen.  The bead broke and the tire went flat, so he fiddled with it a little and got it to take air and thought it was probably OK. 

This morning I got up a bit early because I wanted allow a little more time to get to work because of the storm.  We got about 4-5" of wet snow last night and then on top of that is was sleeting/raining this morning.  Went out to the car... now 6:30am... and the tire was flat.  Mr. D got up and changed it (thankfully we have extra studded snow tires around), and I got going.  Part way into my commute the oil light came on.  I think it's the first time that oil light has ever come on.  I pulled over in the sleet/rain and checked the oil and it was empty.  So I got out the oil and put some in (keep a good supply in the car).  I started out again. and the oil light came back on.  I pulled off the road again and started walking toward the house I had just come by.  Cell phones don't work in our neck of the woods, so no sense in having one.  I had just started out when some very nice folks stopped and picked me up.  They took me back home (to the end of the driveway) and I walked up to let Mr. D know what had happened.  On my way up the driveway I noticed a line of oil between my tire tracks in the new snow.  Guess something didn't get put on right.  Mr. D gathered up his tools and off we went to rescue the Neon.  We used the Blazer to pull the car up onto ramps.  What had happened was in the dark last night he had taken the old filter off, but the gasket was left behind and caused the new filter not to seat well, so the oil was leaking around the seal.

Took just a couple minutes and I was on my way to work again.  I was glad that I had started early this morning, 'cause after all that I was only an hour and a half late. 

Thankful it was an easy fix and the roads were not so bad.  Thankful for good neighbors who took me home.  Thankful for God who took good care of me and for giving me a husband who knows what to do when the car needs fixin'.  And right now I'm thankful for a warm office and a little extra heat.

Joanna starts work tonight in the kitchen at her new job. 

It's not and uneventful day...  and I'm hoping for no more challenges,  but if there are I know God will help me through.

Hope you have a great day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Photos old and new

As promised, here's a few photos.  Heather is was sorting through family photos and came across a few "dinosaurs" I'd though you'd enjoy seeing too.

My handsome young man, Brandon.
Joanna, Me, Heather,and Brandon on Joanna's birthday hike near Mt. Cardigan
I received some photos on FB from Heather and thought I'd share.

It looks from the way everyone is bundled up that it was a really cold day, but was in the mid to upper 30s... a real heat wave after two very cold days.
Part of the trail followed along a river.  Very pretty.  Here's Pedro... Joanna's boxer.  He loves hiking with his "mom"

Flash back.  They we soooo cute when they were little.  What happened?  Joanna looks like she's afraid I might let go.
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Flash back even further.  This was while we still lived in Colorado.  L-R.. me, Joanna, in front of Joanna is her great grandmother Ruth, my dad, and he's holding Heather.
It was my delight to have the whole family stay with us in our little apartment in Littleton, CO.  My dad and Gramma are now gone, but Praise God we'll not be separated forever, this group will meet again in Glory.

Flash back even further to the late 60's/early 70's.  I can't remember exactly.  This is our family.  Myself, Dad, Mom and Brother Paul.  Mom has gone to glory now too.  She and Dad are enjoying the glory of Heaven together.  

Thank you Heather for scanning these pictures for me to share.  Love ya.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Time to Catch Up...


Joanna is in and the water is running.  It all has been quite miraculous.  More indication that God loves us and wants the best for us.  We had not a few set backs in getting Joanna's "mobile home" set up for her.  First the ground was freezing and we weren't sure we could finish the dirt work in time.  Then the evening of our second significant snowfall Mr. D and I tucked her camper into it's little wooded home.  There was still insulating to do and hooking up all the stuff... electric, septic, and water.  There had to be special insulation installed underneath to protect the tanks... grey water and septic so they wouldn't freeze.  That was a real challenge and a week of rolling around in the mud underneath.  Then we got all that done and the water wouldn't run.  We were all bewildered as to why.  There seemed to be enough pressure, but no flow into the camper itself.  At the last minute, just before our new snowfall... the water decided to come on... NO actually the water had nothing to do with it... God allowed the water to flow.  Praise God!  That is all we can say.  Now it can snow and freeze and do whatever it likes.  This has been the most unusual October/November I think I've ever seen.  I really DO think God had a part in it.

Now my "little" girl is here and all comfy cozy in her own home. 

The rest of the family will all be here for Christmas.  We will be taking pictures and more pictures and enjoying the season together. 

I've heard a lot of chatter about being "ready" for Christmas.  Well, if you're talking about gifts to give and decorations to put up... probably not, but I'm so ready to see everyone and spend time together it really doesn't matter.  All the rest will fall into place.

God is so good!
I'm exhausted!


Recap of the last few days...
Friday:  Had blood drawn at the lab at 6am  in preparation for Dr's. appointment on Thursday.

Doug was borrowing the neighbors loader and the tarp cover ripped when he was covering it up.  Had to get some ripstop nylon to mend the tarp.  Took 2 hours at the store to get that and a couple little items cut... yikes.

Saturday... went to sew the tarp and realized I had taken the extension cord from there to use for Christmas lights.  Went to store to get dog food which we needed and an extension cord.

Got home and went to mend tarp.  Found out I didn't really need the ripstop I had spent 2 hours getting the night before.  Mended tarp then made a "Bee Green Bag" for the ladies gift exchange (a tradition).  No heat in the sewing room so got really cold so went to the house and whipped up some supper... spaghetti sauce with lots of mushrooms, peppers, onions and left over sauce from Friday night pizza. 

Got the wrong kind of dog food, so had to go back to Tractor Supply to get right kind, then went to the church and Mr. D  helped me move my SS classroom stuff to new room downstairs.

Found out the freezer in the living room of the mobile home was not running, had to figure out what was going on with that.  Plugged that into my new extension cord to keep stuff from thawing out.  Thankfully the weather's been cold enough so that although the freezer must have been off for quite some time (Mr. D and his Dad had worked on the electricity a week ago), nearly all the food was not thawed at all, only a few packages of squash that were from last year anyway and I used them right away.

Sunday... Water frozen.  Had a little water set aside for drinking water and so used some of that to get cleaned up and wash hair.  Mr. D went out and turned up the heat tape and set the thermostat a little higher in the well house.  Water came back on just before leaving for church.  Had church dinner so brought stuffed peppers, spinach, brownies and potatoes. 

The fellowship at church was wonderful and renewed my spirit.  After dinner the Patch club had their Christmas presentation (songs and skit), and that was great.  The children did well and remembered all their lines.

After church Mr. D and I went to Ocean State Job Lots to do a little looking around for Christmas gifts and Mr. D needed some warm winter socks.  We found all we were looking for and I also picked up some spices and a nice cotton bath mat.  Got home around 4:30 pm.

I went to do a little laundry and the washer quit.  Joanna came home around 5 pm and told us that she smelled propane in her little house.  We went over and it didn't smell like propane to me, but did smell like exhaust.  Took over the CO monitor and turned the heat up and the monitor jumped to 88 ppm ... yikes.  Shut the heat off and the CO level fell right off.  Mr. D's going to see about taking the little furnace out and getting it cleaned today.  Joanna used the electric heater through the night and I went over this am to  check on her and it felt  cozy in there. 

It's Monday... had to come to work to get a break :)

Mr. D took the furnace out and over to the RV place... though we'd had recommendation from another RV place that we should replace the furnace for $500-600 he decided to see if he could get it cleaned.  Those guys at Riverbrook RV are super.  They cleaned the little furnace for $80 and now Joanna has heat again.  Yea!  God is sooooo good!
We got to share that at prayer meeting too and encourage others. 

Quite a leap, I know.  I took 2 days off while Heather and Brandon were here and we had a wonderful time together.  No pictures yet, 'cause I need to down load them and place them here.  They arrived earlier than expected on Friday night.  We went out to eat at Friendly's and then home by about 8:30 or 9:00.  Saturday we slept in a bit and since Joanna had to work, the rest of us did a little last minute shopping.  It wasn't as busy as I thought it might be and we had a beautiful sunny day, though it was cold.  Sunday we all went to church in the morning and then home to a great meal of duck and ham and all the fixin's, gifts and lots of family fun.  Then we settled in to game time and snacks of all shapes and sizes.  I've been going through withdrawal ever since.  Monday we really didn't do anything at all.  In the morning we had blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup (thanks Joanna) and just hung out watched some movies and played some games.  It was really too cold outside to do much there and very little snow.   Tuesday was Joanna's birthday so we went in the late morning and took a 2 mile hike.  The weather was much warmer and with little snow it was a perfect day for a hike.  Got some nice pictures that I'll  share after I download them.  Then we took Joanna for lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant.  We ate sooooo much!  After that we took Heather down to her friend's house in Whilmington, VT  and visited with old friends.  Then we stopped at Friendly's again for birthday ice cream and Joanna and I headed home.  Heather and Brandon went back home on the train Friday 12/30

On New Year's eve we spent time with friends.  More games and SNACKS... seems there's a theme here.  I went over to the church afterwards and cleaned up my Sunday School room and went through boxes that had been moved to my new classroom, but never sorted out.  Now I can find stuff again.  By the time I got done it was about 11:30 and got home just in time to see the ball drop.  I was just drifting off the sleep and the phone rang.  It was Brandon calling me at 1:00 am just to wish me a Happy New Year.  Needless to say... I was tired on Sunday, but we had a blessed day of fellowship and more food!

We still haven't had any large snowstorms.  It's been a mighty strange winter.  I heard though that there's a storm coming next week.  I'm sure the ski areas are happy to hear that.  Hope we get some accumulation to help with insulation.

So here it is the last day of the first week of the New Year.  I haven't any resolutions except I want to get our bookkeeping up to date and get paperwork done (have to find stuff first).  Then my next resolution might be to declutter and get rid of as much as I can so that when we do get ready to move into the mobile home I will have room to move. 

Sound like that will keep me busy for a while :)

I promise there will be pictures on the next post and hopefully it won't be 2 months from now.

Thank you for sharing this little picture with us Linda

I haven't had much time to visit all your blogs, but I pray that you will all have a wonderful 2012!