Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Jazzy Hodgepodge

1. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month. Are you a fan? If so what's a favorite you'd recommend to someone new to jazz listening?
I really don't care for Jazz.  I love hymns and songs of praise to God.  I love a good listen to music from Majesty Music and others like that. 

2. Mandolin, ukulele, harp, accordion or banjo...which would you be most interested in learning to play? Or do you already play one of the instruments listed?

I play guitar and have a uke.  I did play the uke, but haven't in so long I'd probably need to relearn.  I know the basics of accordion from my dad and have played it some.  Other than that I think I would like to learn to play the harp.  I've always enjoyed listening to harp music.

3. Do you judge a book by it's cover? Elaborate. You may answer in either/both the literal or figurative sense of the word.

I always have a first impression of people and books, but I try to reserve judgement till I know a little more.  I say about books if it doesn't grab my attention in the first chapter I probably won't finish it unless for some reason I must - for instance reading tax laws or DMV laws for work.  With people, they don't always have their best foot forward when you first meet them, so give it some time.  My best friend in high school had an awful first impression of me, but thankfully she was patient with me and we ended up being quite close.

4. According to a recent studythe ten  most nutritious foods are-almonds, cherimoya (supposed to taste like a cross between a pineapple/banana), ocean perch, flatfish (such as flounder and halibut), chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, swiss chard, pork fat (shocking! but I don't think they mean bacon), beet greens, and red snapper. Are any of these foods a regular part of your diet? Any you've never ever tasted? Which would you be most inclined to add to your diet?

 We butchered two pigs year before last and are still eating those with lots left in the freezer.  We also butcher chickens which we have plenty of still.  Mr. D eats almonds like they were going out of style and we eat LOTS of chard and kale in the summer and often I pick it up with the groceries in the winter too since it's so much better if it's fresh.  We just had a beef-based soup with turnip, carrots, onion and kale last night and it was quite good.  I do not eat chia seeds, rarely do we eat pumpkin seeds though sometime I add flax or sunflower or even pumpkin seeds to my bread for added crunch.  I've never heard of cherimoya.  We eat lots of fish, but flounder, halibut and red snapper are not within our food budget.  We do eat tilapia and swai.  I like both and though they aren't as high in omega 3 they are better for us than a red meat meal.  We eat quite healthy, just too much.

5. Besides a major holiday what is the most recent thing you've celebrated with your people? Tell us how.

We had a birthday boy last week and a birthday girlie this week.  Our birthday months are December, April, and September with two birthdays in each (or we could just make up a holiday to celebrate).

6. Insert your own random thought here.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Happenings in March and April

We have had quite a busy March and April so far.  It all started with a huge snowstorm early in March the same day as Town elections.  The Secretary of State sent out warnings the day before about the laws on cancelling or postponing elections which some did the year before when we had an Election Day storm, much the same only worse.  In NH we cannot cancel or postpone elections based on the weather, so we had 60 show up and went through the process regardless of the weather.  I was elected for another 3 years as Town Clerk, which I am very happy with, and we had beautiful sunshine for Town Meeting and though it snowed a little this afternoon, I think all-in-all the snow is finally going away.

In March we adopted a little pup from a shelter in Mississippi.  His name is Skippy and he's really adorable and well behaved. 

He's a lot smaller than we expected since the pictures we had were of when he was younger.  Mr. D is a little concerned that he might not be able to handle rat hunting.  He's got a good nose and great digging paws and I hope once he matures a little he'll develop into a good hunter.  He is learning how to stay home right now.  He loves to go play with the neighbors dogs (boxers) and is not timid about picking on dogs that are a little bigger than him.  He is house trained though piddles when he is nervous and he doesn't beg at the table.  He doesn't like laps, so is not a lap dog, but loves cuddles.  He doesn't shed very much at all because he has a semi-rough coat with the cutest whiskers and eyebrows.  I call him "old man" cause he's a puppy, but his face looks like an old man.

We also had a great Easter with friends at church and family at my daughter Joanna's home.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We feasted and had some play time with dogs and J & H went for a walk with the pups.  We got home before dark and to bed early... it was a wonderful day.

J & H and Norman for a walk on Easter

After the crowd went home and Mom cleaned up the debris.

I just finished typing the minutes from Town Meeting which was especially long this year.  I had 26 pages typed and they were just submitted to the DRA yesterday.  I'm so happy that is over for another year.  It is quite a process.  I also had 4 workshops to attend in March which cut down on my work time.  I am grateful that the Lord helped me wade through and I'm mostly caught up now.  I have some filing chores that need to be done to keep up with the "retention policy". 

Last Thursday we celebrated a boy birthday.  Norman turned 6.  He's growing up into a fine young man and is reading and doing well in school.  I'm pleased as peaches with his Momma and how she's doing as a Mom.

Here they are being a little silly...

This was on his birthday I think.  She had the day off and let him stay home from kindergarten for the day.  Then they came to our house.  We gave him his presents then we had a vet appointment for Skippy and then we went to "Old McDonalds" for lunch.  I think the only reason he likes to eat there is because he gets a toy in the lunch box.  This time is was a Snoopy spinner.  He really doesn't like the food so much, but he did enjoy a Strawberry shake... not a big cake eater either.

Out for dinner with Auntie Heather.  What a birthday!

I didn't have an Easter picture of Brandon and surely don't want to leave him out.  Here's one from Christmas with the boys and Spot.  This is the last picture of all of them together.

Next big adventure is going to the Middletown Bible Conference.  I'm leaving my Deputy alone for the first time for 3 office days.  I know she'll be fine, but it will be a little nerve wracking for her probably.  Praying we have a wonderful time together.  We haven't been away for quite some time just the two of us.  It will be refreshing.

We still need to find a doggie sitter and I'm hoping we find one soon.  If it's warm enough the chickens will probably do fine, but we can't take the pup.  I'm thinking of a doggie daycare for him for the 3 nights we'll be away.  I'm just not sure how much it will be.  We do have neighbors who would probably keep him but they all have dogs already and Joanna has two and Heather has a cat.  We'll keep looking. 

A couple of verses that I've been memorizing lately.

Jeremiah 32:17

Ah, LORD God! Behold thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing to hard for thee;

Psalm 40:5

Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou has done, and thy thoughts which are to usward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee;  if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.

God is keeping my husband, children and grandchildren before me and I know there is nothing too hard for Him or too small either.