Monday, November 14, 2011


This past week we rented a small excavator and dug a lot of holes... well to be exact they are ditches.  We now have a yard full of mud again.  That makes keeping my floor clean a full-time job, but I'm still glad it's happening.  This means that Joanna will be able to move in soon.  We had hoped this would happen a while ago, but didn't realize all that was involved.  We now have water line, a culvert to drain off water behind the mobile home, and septic is nearly laid then the next project is electric.   All this will be laid in the same ditches...

view up the hill into the woods behind us you can see all the rocks that we pulled out of those holes.  it's really not too bad.  other places on the property have had more and larger rocks.
view across and up to mobile home... lots of water collects in back in the spring and in big rain storms, so it'll be good to have this all drain off.

view down the hill towards our camper and the driveway.

one of the larger rocks we've encountered.  this one was too big to move so either we'll leave it, or we'll drill it and break it up with water in the holes.

looking into the drain hole from above... this will be lined with rocks...
 Mr. D has done most of that now to keep soil from getting into the culvert.

this is Joanna's new home before the digging began and just after our October snowstorm... 
a  36' camper... nice and roomy.
 So there's lots more work to do.  The ditches need to be filled in before we get more rain.  It has been spectacular weather thus far... we have much to be thankful for.

Our memory verse in SS class this week was Ephesians 5:20... it sure is easy for me to be thankful when things are going well and we have good weather/sun is shining etc, but when the tough times come it is harder to be thankful for those times.  I pray that this year I will continue to learn to thank the Lord for ALL things.

Giving thanks ALWAYS for ALL things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Collage

I've put on a new collection of pictures in the header and since I don't care for pictures without captions I thought I'd walk you through this collection of pictures from our family...

from L to R... top to bottom

Heather last Christmas... peering through the palms
Mr. D with our tiny Christmas tree
Joanna when we went sledding 12/27/2009
Mom and Dad on their wedding day, Asbury Park Baptist
My brother and I in the sandbox
Our wedding day, my Mom and Mr. D's Mom and Dad
Brandon with a Luna Moth this past summer
The little "camper" our family lived in in Maine for 6 years - don't know how my Mom did it.
J and H last summer
Mr. D on his tractor
Our little "camper in the woods" covered with snow last winter
Washington DC in the cherry blossoms this past April.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Again...

I am participating in
To join in the fun go to... "From This Side of the Pond"

How do you typically react in a sudden, extreme, pressure-filled crisis?  Would we want you nearby an emergency?
Honestly, I don't panic but I do shake.  Guess that means something is going on inside.  Once got into a heated discussion with a parent of one of my students who would not listen to reason.  To this day I can feel the trembling in my gut.  It was time to leave and breathe.  It's the only time I gotten like that so guess I wouldn't be too good at debate.  On the whole in emergency situations I am very calm and am able to think clearly.  It is something I got from my Dad who was so wonderfully calm... at least on the outside... when things got crazy.  My mother would react more easily, but she also was a calming factor.  My brother also, so being surrounded with such calm people... how can you help being calm.

Caramel apple, Caramel sundae, Caramel corn, Caramel macchiato... of these four, which caramel treat would you choose?
I love caramel apples but my dentures do not... however, that doesn't stop me from eating them... I just get out a knife and fork.  I do love warm caramel corn, but not so much caramel sundaes or macchiato.  Of the two, guess my favorite would be warm caramel corn... like you get on the boardwalk.

Is there such a think as destiny?  Explain.
Of course there is destiny. 

"According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:  Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved."  Ephesians 1:4-6   

Also Romans 8:28-31
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.  Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.  What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"

Probably not what the world thinks of as destiny... like in matter of love and wealth and possession.  I can't think of any "higher" destiny that becoming a child of God and living for Him.

What's your favorite piece of furniture?  I'm referring to something currently in your possession as opposed to something on your wish list.

About the second year of our marriage my Sweetie got me a mission rocker for Christmas.  I love that rocker and can't wait to get into our home again so I can enjoy it once more.  I also have a tall sewing chest that was in my Mom's family.  My Nanna always had it stuffed with old velvet purses.  When I inherited it the drawers were still stuffed with ancient sewing stuff... needles, thimbles, threads on old wooden spools and a knob for mending socks.  I kept all that stuff where it was and only use the top drawer for my current hand sewing/mending needs.  This also is in storage till we get moved in.

Wednesday night marks the start of the 2011 Baseball World Series. Did you know? Do you care? Will you be watching? Ever been to a professional baseball game? If you're not an American do you find the title 'World Series' annoying or amusing?

Oh my... we don't watch sports in our house.  I loved watching my kids play sports... basketball and soccer, but now I really don't have a lot of interest.  I hear a lot about it at work... mostly in the pools that are going on and who won for the week.

A sound that takes me back to my childhood is....

We had some old records... George Beverly Shea recordings that my Mom loved to listen to while she was working around the house.  Not too long ago on our Christian Radio Station I heard one of those songs from that recording... wow was that a wave of nostalgia.  Sometimes there are smells that I catch that take me back to childhood like "Bell Seasoning" my mom always used in her turkey stuffing.  Those reminders are getting less and less these days.

On average, once you've linked your hodgepodge post to mine how many other participant blogs do you visit? Do you ever come back to the Hodgepodge later in the day or even the day after to read posts?

This is the first time I've participated in Hodgepodge, but I like doing these Q&A posts.  It's fun to read others too, so I'll probably look at them throughout the day today.  It depends on what happens today whether I'll get to read all of them.

Insert your own random thought here.

God has been giving me lots to do lately.  I'm just plugging along and getting something done each day.  I try to prioritize, but the rules keep changing ;)

We've been trying to get the camper ready for my daughter to move into.  We hoped to rent the little excavator this weekend, but it's looking a little iffy... we still don't have all the supplies together (ie drainage pipe, underground wire etc.).  I finished laying the plywood in the kitchen, but haven't screwed it down and filled the holes, then it needs to be sealed.  I would like to get that done this weekend if we can't get the ditches done (see what I mean?).  We also have a muskovy drake to butcher and chickens to tag.  I also have carrots and beets to harvest and squash to cook up and freeze.  The chores just never end.  I'm not complaining really, just stating facts.  I think I need a helper for a few weeks to get everything done.  Any volunteers?

Well, it's been an incredibly busy year all way 'round.  As you can tell by my blog posts, I just don't have time to sit down and do anything on the computer even though I would like to.  Maybe this winter...  there isn't a lot of gardening to be done in the winter, or butchering, or ditch digging, but I have lots of sewing I want to do... we're expecting another grandchild and I WANT TO SEW (little temper tantrum there).  Hope it's a girl.

That's my "random thoughts" and there's lots more where that came from.. really too many to type out here.

another little "blast from the past"  my Auntie had a book with this picture in it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's up with us....

I haven't been sitting around reading, or sleeping, or twiddling my thumbs ya know....

Here's our new "egg box". Quite an improvement over a cooler on a folding chair at the end of the road...

The cooler is in the middle section.  On both sides are some veggies.  Some are free and some we're selling.
Mr. D made the boxes and I painted the door.

Then on the 21st and 22nd we went and had some fun at camp :)

That girl out there grinning at me is my daughter.  Yup, she went with us and we had lots of fun.  What a great weekend.  It was sooooo cold that night... first frost... and though we were prepared we slept little.

Our speaker was Mardi Collier who came from SC to be our speaker was wonderful.  God was really working through her to say just what I needed to hear.  She spoke about the promises in God's Word and "100% words"  such as " God shall supply all your need..." Philippians 4:19  or "blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:" Ephesians 1:3  or another one of my favorites "...hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness..." II Peter 1:3  How cool is that?  Not just some things that we need, but all things that we need.  What a great God we serve!

I needed to hear this message. We've been through some unsteady times lately and it can be frightening, but God is my stability... He is my rock and fortress.

This is Mardi's book and if you have a chance you should find a copy and read it... well worth your time.

So glad that my daughter could go with me too.  It was fun to share a little mother/daughter time.

We've got more stuff to get in from the garden.  I pick lots of green beans and all the corn. We do not have all the squash in yet, but probably will stack it under tarps for a little while... it's going to get cold tomorrow night and probably will frost.  Don't want the little squashes to get rashes :)

I made some stuffed squash blossoms on 9/30 for my Sweetie's birthday.  He had gone to pick up my daughter's camper that day and it was driving rain facing one challenge after the other.  First he had trouble meeting up with his dad.  He got questioned by the police while he was waiting to meet up with him.  He was stopped by the police after he and his dad got separated on their way back.  He had to replace all the tires before coming home with the camper 'cause they had dry rot.  I'm telling you, my Sweetie has huge amounts of patience... after all, he puts up with me.

So a special dinner was in order.

first I sauteed some onion, mushrooms and fresh herbs in a little olive oil
I picked about 12 squash blossoms... not going to produce fruit now anyway
I removed the insides, they give the flower their sweet smell and I just don't care for them in my casserole.  Watch out for bees if you pick them when the weather is a little cold... I found about 5 or 6 tucked down inside.  I washed the flower to get any sand/dirt off.
I took a small container of ricotta cheese and mixed in the sauteed vegetables, which I had cooled off a little then added some Parmesan cheese (about 1/4 cup)

Then I stuffed the blossoms with the cheese and veggie mixture and laid them in a small baking pan.  I did not fry them first to avoid all that step and all that oil which neither of us need.
I then laid a little sauce over the top, not too much and this is organic spaghetti sauce I buy at Price Chopper grocery store.  I could have used some of my own, but had this open already.  I put on some mozzarella cheese and popped them into the oven. and this is what we got....

This was really yummy.  I noticed we have lots more squash blossoms out there... maybe there's still some time to make more before the end of gardening season.

Hope you have a great week.

God Bless!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Ducklings.

Because the summer was so hot our poor Momma ducks did not have an easy time incubating their eggs.  Although the coop is in the shade and we keep it ventilated, it still is quite warm in there during the summer months.  We have one Momma duck who has tried several times unsuccessfully to raise a family.  She seems a little spooky too and we thought this year she'd be headed for the roaster.  Well, good thing we kept her around a little longer....

make way for ducklings.... 15 of them to be exact.
She was not going to be unsuccessful this time.  She hatched 15 little yellow ducklings.  We are keeping them inside until they get feathers since it is getting cold at night. 

Doesn't this just make you smile?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy Days

I know it's been a long time and probably most of my followers have given up on me.  I also don't like it much when someone doesn't write for a long time and after a while just don't visit anymore, but hope you can empathize with me when I say it has been very busy. 

Brandon stayed with us until the first week of August.  We had a good time, but he was really ready to go home and missed his mom terribly.  There were many changes for him at home and I think he was getting nervous about what was waiting for him there.  I've talked to him several times since he went back and he seems to be settling into the routine and is now back in school. 

We've had a good harvest from the garden.  Picked 2 bushel of Jacob Cattle beans and then while I had pneumonia it gave me something to do with my hands.  I have recovered for the most part, but still feel a little wimpy.  I have found that my stamina took a nose-dive and we're working on that. 

shelled Jacob Cattle beans

We put up 15 quarts of dill pickles.  The tomatoes have been pouring in and I've been enjoying them so much... nothing like a sun ripened tomato!  This weekend I'll be picking the remaining shell beans and also the Romano beans and getting those put away.  Also want to can the tomatoes for soups, stews and sauces (those that I don't eat fresh). 

We didn't have a huge crop of beets this year, but it's OK since I got a bunch from another source and Mr. D put them up for us already (sweet man!). 

Our corn is almost ripe and ready to pick.  We'll enjoy that fresh since we do not freeze or can corn.  Mr. D won't eat frozen or canned corn, but he will eat it roasted fresh.  Because of that we don't plant much and we invite folks over during corn season for a corn roast and fellowship... great times.

Well, now that I seem to be recovering and the harvest may be winding down a little, maybe I can get back to blogging.  I have been collecting pictures to share with you of the flooding that we had around here from Irene
I go over this bridge twice/day.  The water came up and over flooding on either side.  See all the debris caught in the underside of the structure.
This is the shopping plaza in West Lebanon, NH  it was under 6 feet of water.  Where I am parked to take this picture was in front of a grocery store in the same plaza... it wasn't touched, but all the other stores were flooded.
The next morning after Irene, the sky is blue, sun is shining so innocently and this is the mud that used to be a beautiful green soccer field and dog park.  After 2 weeks it still is like this... so many lost houses this is not a priority for cleanup.

God is so good!  We didn't have a lot of damage here on our property from the hurricane.  The eye went right over us, but a few miles to either side of us they received a lot of rain and there was much damage from flooding.  Some of the folks from work were stranded and couldn't get out.  One girl had her mobile home flooded and is still living in a camper till it dries out and she can replace the carpet and wall board.  She lost a lot of other stuff even though it was only a few inches of water and the insulation underneath had to all be torn out.  So sad to see all the destruction.

Here's a few links so you can see the damage around VT and NH...

I've been calling customers this week that are in the damaged areas.  It is amazing how nice everyone is.  So many volunteers out there helping to clean up.  The mud is so thick as you can imagine.  This is not an area that floods very often.  In fact some of these places have not flooded in recorded history.

Well, I am very grateful and humbled too that God would spare us as He did.  I am ever mindful that these things happen to the godly as well as the ungodly.  It's all for His purpose and plan. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Keep looking up!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Brandon had a really fun time at camp.  Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures here....

reading and meditating on God's Word
tube tug... he said this was one of his favorite games

don't know if he's in this picture, but this was his team.

The Wilds of New England (view from the road)

this is the chapel - dining hall and kitchen to the left, snack shoppe and nurses office to the right
another place he spent many fun times.

Great camp and hope he can come again next year!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Well, it has been a dry summer here, but the Lord has allowed the garden to do relatively well anyway as you can see from the following pictures.

a sea of squash
The most wonderful thing is we had 2 rainy days in a row and the soil needed moisture so badly.  Our cucumbers are coming along now and the vines are covered with tiny fruit and I was so concerned that they wouldn't develop 'cause it had been so dry. 

Judging from the way nature is hurrying this growing season, I expect there will be an early frost this year.  We'll see how that prediction comes out :)  OK I'm not a prophet, but you can tell sometimes by the way things happen in the garden.  The plants got a late start, but they are really rushing to produce seed.

funny, I didn't see this leek flower when I was taking the pictures
this morning.  I was thinking that the leeks must have gotten buried
in the wild flowers, but they must be holding their own.  The parsnips are
coming along well and we'll be having some of those either next year or
the following year.... yum.

The corn is growing quickly now.  Looking forward to having a corn roast in the late summer.  We are about 2-3 weeks behind in the growing season from the Upper Valley where I work.  Our summer squash hasn't done much, but folks at work are bringing in extra summer squash.  Funny how a few hundred feet of elevation can make such a difference.  Even on our hill we might get a frost at the house, but the garden get nothing.

You must disregard the weeds please.  Amazing since I just weeded
last weekend.  The rain really makes the weeds perk up as well
I guess.
I love wild flowers as you can tell.  When we get the house together I will have a wildflower bed, but now they reside in my herb garden... they have lots in common, so it's a good match.  The only thing that didn't grow for me this year in the herb garden was the lavender *sniff, sniff*.  I'm not sure why except we had a dog come and dig up a part of the garden and that may have been where they were planted, but I thought it was above there.  I don't mark my sections very well as you can tell. 

Our poor Muscovy mommas have had a really rough time hatching eggs.  In the old dog house we had two setting hens.  Between the two they managed to hatch 4 eggs.  One died right away, another was lost... probably to a cat or dog, and the other two are so small.  The hens are really curious about these little yellow balls of fluff...

not even sure if you can see them... they are under tha ladder.
Their two mommas are behind the board, but are right there keeping a close eye

then Poppa steps in and chased away the curious hens.

see how tiny... we hope these two make it.

Poor mommas they tried so hard to hatch little ones.  It was just too hot the past few weeks and they were not able to keep the eggs cool enough.  We opened up the coop, but there just wasn't any relief.  They finally abandoned their nests.  We usually have two settings per summer and it has been much cooler, so they may be successful next time.

Hope you are enjoying the summer.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Busy Summer Days

I'd have been writing up a storm if I was "bored", but there seem to be no days like these summer days to keep a person busy.  This weekend Brandon (grandson) and I painted the green house to my specifications... red with white trim.  If you do it yourself, you get to choose the colors.  There's always the garden to weed and for some reason, though the plants are sluggish this year, the weeds are flourishing.  We have new fencing to put up for the chicks who needed to get out of the brooding area  and meet the great big world outside. 

On top of all the normal business there has been a little "trama".  Several who are very close to me are going through some deep water.  I don't feel at liberty to share too much.  It makes one stop to think... does God forget us and let us flounder?  NEVER!  Don't ever for even a nanosecond believe that lie.  When trouble comes, that's opportunity to lean on the Lord and He is always there.  I used to think that
the reason God sent trouble was because we had not been faithful in some area, but I no longer think that lie either.  Of course God allows trouble for a reason, but think of Job.  When did trouble hit him? 

Job 1:8
And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

OK, I certainly am not as perfect and upright as Job, but if I were, would I even suspect bad times were on their way?  Well if my thinking were messed up I might think that trouble would never overshadow my doorstep.  That's what Job's friends/wife thought.  "Well Job, what did you do to bring this on yourself? " 
Yes, I deserve all the trouble I get, but even if I were a perfect person, trouble would come as it does to all people.  All people face trouble and if we have trust in God it will cause us to draw even closer to him.  
OK enough about trouble, here's some fun pictures from around the farm.  I don't get to blog much, so there aren't so many pictures this year.  
A friend gave us a goose that was "naughty" terrorizing his wife, kids, and dogs.  So he ended up here...

Brandon's first butchering.  Not sure he was too impressed.
Don't think I'll raise geese for meat... not that great.
The garden had a slow start, but through the past week has recovered quite nicely.  In an earlier blog I posted pictures of the garden, so you can compare if you like. 

This is the shady area.  We have peas, kale, Jacob Cattle beans,
pakchoy (which has bolted due to heat) and a few winter squash in
the front.


This is the top of the garden.  Things grow the best here.  More
Jacob Cattle, tomatoes, and pole beans, and of course more

This is the herb garden from the back, plus lettace, carrots, corn..
I took a picture from the front, but for some reason the camera
didn't save the picture.  It's pretty from the front because
the wild flowers are in bloom right now.
And the chickens are growing like little weeds.  Don't know if you remember the last picture...
Beginning of June.  This was the day after they arrived.  They
have long since graduated from this tiny tub/heat lamp.

These bad boys will be ready for butchering in a month, maybe even
sooner.  They would lay in their feed and eat all day if we let them,
but have been supplementing with fruit and veggies.  Hopefully
the meat will be leaner and they will stay healthier this year.
So far they are doing well and we've lost only one... he got left
out in the cold accidentily when they were just little chicks.


The little Rhode Island Red hens depend on the big boys for warmth
at night.  Even when the temperature dips to 40, this room stays
about 50-60 because of body heat.  It is all opened up during
the day to keep them from cooking in here.  This coop was a camper
trailer that we got for free.  Works very well as a coop for us and
it's moveable.

So that's the news from our neck of the woods.  Glad to be able to let you know we're still alive. 
Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Update garden and new little chicks

So yesterday we got the new hens... well iddy biddy hens they are....

not even sure you can see them too well but the bigger white birds where the iddy biddy ones from the last post.  The Rhode Island Red hens are about the same size here as the meat birds were when we got them.  It is easy to see how fast they grow. 

We have had soo much rain the past week that the garden hasn't done a lot of growing.  We need more sun.  Today is nice and the next couple.  The next update will probably show more progress.

from front to back - pak choy, radishes, jacob cattle bean, kale, peas, rhubarb,and behind that are some winter squash

front to back - winter squash, to left jacob cattle to right cherry tomato (had a little space to stick in a few more items)
behind that more pak choy and the strawberry patch behind that is the slope where cucumbers, summer squash, beets and more radishes live, then along the fence at the bottom of the hill are some sunflowers. 

in the foreground is the herb garden - camomile, basil, oregano, caraway, wormwood, rue, more basil, lavendar and various sorts of wildflowers - not blooming yet
behind the herb garden to the left are carrots, chard, parsnips, our blueberry bushes, then corn
and behind them the pole beans.

My grandson will be here next week, so maybe we'll work on a little weeding expecially in the perennial bed and then I'll post some pictures of flowers.  The peonies are blooming and iris and columbine too.  I'm just too ashamed on the condition of the beds to post pictures just yet.  I went down on Tuesday and did a little work, but they're in bad shape because of neglect.  The flowers bloom reqardless of my lack of attention, but they look a lot prettier if I spend some time there weeding and fussing over them.
I'll write more later.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lil chicks

This was last week... they've tripled in size since then.  Time for a new picture.  These are the meat birds.  It's have to believe that in September they will dress out at 11-12 lbs.  They just grow incredibly fast.

The Garden continued

We has a little excitement in the chicken coop today.  Mr. D went into the coop to collect eggs.  I was in the garden not far away and soon I heard him yelling for me to come.  I came as quick as I could and he had a board across a metal trash barrel.  He told me to go get a lid big enough to cover the can.  We have lots of barrels, so I ran and grabbed one quickly.  Inside the can was a fox.  Apparently Mr. D had caught him in the act of terrorizing our hens.  He had killed 3 and was looking for more.  Well in my opinion once they get the taste for chicken there's no coop safe from that fox so we did the only thing we could and that was his demise.  It's a sad thing for the fox, but happy for the hens who will not worry about him again.  I don't think he was very healthy anyway.  It looked to me like he was suffering from mange and had quite a few ticks.  I took pictures of him, but didn't want to post any here.  There are many out there who are not happy that you have to kill any animal, but farmers know there are some limits.

The garden is doing much better after the recent rain.  Strawberries got a little too much water just when the berries were developing, but we picked all the red ones we could find and hope the rain will ease up now and the rest will be good too.  They sure are yummy.  We don't grow enough to save them up, but we enjoy them right away.  I had mine with some yogurt.  Yum, Yum. When Brandon come next week maybe we'll have enough to make some shortcake or have some over ice cream.

Here what the garden looked like this morning:

Amazing what a little rain will do.  Notice the cover over the strawberries.  If we didn't do this the Cedar Waxwings would be all over them.  Sorry the pics are so blurry.

This is only about 1/4 of the garden.  The corn is also up and the squash, cucumbers, tomatoes etc are all doing well.  I'll take some better pictures next time. 

Hope your gardens are all doing well this year.

The garden is in and started - From last week....

I wrote this last week, but of course did not get it edited and posted.  So here we go...

Progress on the garden...

On May 28 we tilled the garden.  For two days before that we hauled in a couple loads of manure and put in all the compost and chicken manure from last year.  This makes the soil rich and dark and great for growing veggies.  We also get plenty of weeds, but the soil is soft, so pulling weeds isn't a huge issue. 

We planned out all the spots for the veggie seeds we had... here's our list from earlier...

Miragreen - peas
Gotta Have - It corn
Ozark Beauty - strawberries
Gentry Hybrid - summer squash
French Breakfast - radishes
Macintosh apple tree
Herbs ...
Jacob Cattle - beans
Romano - pole beans
Straight Eight - cucumbers
Burgess Buttercup - winter squash
lots of winter squash seeds, lettuce, carrot, pak choy seeds left
Ruth Bible beans

Some were ordered, some were saved from last year....

We planted some other things too...
Several different types of Basil to see which we like the best.
Pak Choy (free seed)
Kale  (green -eating and also flowering)
Carrots (from some free seed that were given to us)
Lettace (free seed)
Since we pull the last of the Parsnips we planted some of those, but we won't be harvesting them for a couple years.
We planted three variety of winter squash that we especially liked from last year all from saved seeds.  The planted we started early are doing well.

I also planted some flowers in pots for sunny areas.  I can't see paying such high prices for flowers.  Some of these that I planted are prennial, so they will be back next year too, some are annuals which will only be around this year because we have not space to keep them indoors.

Nothing purking yet... was very dry for a couple weeks....

to be continued.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting ready to plant

We've been busy getting all ready for planting day on Monday.  Hoping for at least a bit of dry weather on that day and the day before.  The weatherman has been saying thunderstorms, but we are hoping they will miss us.   The dump truck had to be registered to the tune of $180... then there is some repair before it is inspected but we have till June 10 to do that.  We'll haul in 2-3 loads of manure because it is the best stuff to grow in... weeds galore, but we just feed those to the birds.  The chickens have been let loose in the garden this spring so not only have they had lots of green stuff to eat, we have gotten rid of quite a few of those pesky weeds and added a little fertilizer too. 

I planted the window boxes this week and a couple of potted plants for the end of the driveway.  The grass needs to be mowed and I probably can get to that tonight if it's not raining. 

Monday is planting day.  We have a map worked up and ready and the tiller is ready to roar.  I hope we will be able to post some pictures here on Tuesday. 

We are planting Romano Beans, Ruth Bible Beans and Jacob Cattle Beans, cucumbers
Lutz Winter Keeper Beets.  I bought 6 Roma Tomatoes and 6 Jet Star
We have Peas of a couple varieties, Zucchini, and as usual lots of winter squash from saved seeds, We bought corn seeds and I always plant sunflowers.   This year we dug up the last of the parsnips, so I purchased some more seed though that won't be harvested for another couple years.  If our growing season we just a little longer we could have a new crop each spring, but I let the last ones grow two years and they were just right.

Some of the herbs came back, but I started some others in the little greenhouse.

Here's some of my spring blooms in the garden this year.

pink barrenwort
lupines - no flower spikes yet
double daffodils - nearly all gone by today
not sure of the name, Mr. D bought these for me the first year here
I really like the little (cornflower) blue blossoms.
more little daffodils... light colored ones have multiple blossoms
on each stem
doesn't look very big, but was quite a job to get sod and rocks
out of this bed... day lilies and iris planted here... very wet!
That's what's happening at our place so far.  Lots more to do though, so more pictures later.