Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Catching up...

On Memorial Day we did get the garden in.  We were pretty exhausted from Saturday as we needed to move many of our things around that day and even with the help of a able-bodied grandson our antique bodies were complaining vigorously.  By the end of the day Monday all we had energy to do was eat, shower and go to bed.  I had to come back to work on Tuesday to get a little break.  I don't think I've fully recovered yet and its been a week now.
the new herb garden.  Most of these plants... except the little ones and the easter lily spent a year in containers while we decided where to replant the herb garden.  I'm sure they will recover.  We have quite a variety in this small space but construction is still pending around our place so as soon as we know where and it's safe, I'll expand this garden to include other plants that are in temporary homes.

The strawberries are going strong and will need to be covered soon so the Cedar Waxwings don't devour them.  The blueberries are also doing quite well though we had a very dry spring. (not pictured here).  We've enjoyed some rhubarb already and it has started to go to seed.

We've had some good soaking rain this week and I'm sure that will help the garden perk up and get going rapidly.

I'm going to now post a bunch of pictures that daughter Joanna downloaded off her camera for me.  They go back a ways and that's OK.  I just want to include them here so I can print them into my Blog book.  Thought you'd enjoy them too.  Thank you Joanna for all the nice pictures.  I have another disc to download and then I'll bring them back to you.  Love you!!!

I've had enough Mom!

Grandpa and Gramma visiting... makes for a crowded camper :)

want some sticks Mom? 

Padro likes sticks.

Maybe a bigger stick.

Sleepy boy.

Norman and Uncle Adam.

After walking up the driveway when we couldn't drive up.  Was a blizzard it looks like.

Aunt Heather and Cousin Brandon

Not so tight Gramma.

Very busy cleaning up the leaves.

Cooking on the campfire is lots of fun!!!

so dramatic

can I have a ride?
I feel sorry there are no pictures here of Mom and Norman, but she was taking all these pictures.  They came off her camera.  I'll get some others later of the two of them.  I have another disc to download from too so more to come.

Hope you are all having a great day!!