Thursday, October 8, 2015


So I took a day off work... tomorrow... to work on getting the rest of the harvest in.  We have winter squash and beets yet.  Also Kale and chard which are more frost hardy, so probably will let them go as long as possible.

We were able to find a large chest freezer to replace our old freezer which met a demise this summer along with 2 refrigerators and an upright freezer.  I'm now ready to fill-er-up.  We have chickens to butcher too and I am thinking about getting the price on a 1/4 beef or pig to put in also from a local butcher.  With the meat and veggies this year I think we'll be set for food... except dairy (butter, cheese, milk, yogurt) and flour.

I gotta tell you about this freezer.  We had been looking for quite some time, actually since the middle of summer when the old freezer died.  We had several leads and I was ready to throw in the towel and get a couple of smaller chests in lieu of a larger chest freezer.  We found a few of those, but Mr. D was a hold out.  Just need to say, He's the best husband ever!  We found this one on Craigslist and they were asking $550 for it but it was a few years old / not new / and so they agreed on $300, but because they helped load it Mr. D paid them $325.  They also threw in 500 lbs of popcorn (guess they used to do the fair or something and will not need this - extra).  What a blessing this all was and now I'm on a tear getting everything in from the garden before winter.

Mr. D is overwhelmed with tasks getting ready for winter... there are cars to maintain/register and inspect.  Then there is the general clean up so we'll have a place to push the snow.  The tractor needs a gasket which he is having a hard time finding.  Once the garden is taken care of, I will be available to do some of these things myself, but was fighting an infection on one of my fingers last week and it's amazing what you can't do when you have an infection on just one finger.

Some days are like this...

Well, I'm not sure about that... but what I do know is that God is in control, He loves me, He knows my life better than me, He has a plan (sometimes I wish I could see that, but other times I'm thinking it's probably better I don't), and He knows my frame, abilities, knowledge, and strength-limit.  I guess I'd better just trust Him!

He allows us to do what we are physically able to do and will work out all the details.

Have a wonderful day all of you in bloggy land.