Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Monday

I really and truly haven't forgotten that I have a blog, I just have been so incredibly busy there has not been much time for doing anything.  I have wanted to take some pictures of the farm and post them so you can see the progress of the garden and how the meat birds have grown, but just have not done it yet. 

My grandson is visiting for the month of July and I want to post some pictures of him too, but have not had time for that yet either. 

No promises, but I hope this week we'll get caught up a little.

We had a wonderful time yesterday for the 4th.  We had church and then the church family had a wonderful picnic lunch and a blessed time of testimonies.  Then some games for the kids.  After the picnic we went home and got ready to go swimming.  I took clothes off the line 'cause it clouded a little and didn't want a repeat of last week where the clothes line collapsed in the rain and the clothes I had out there had to all be washed again (yuk!).
We went swimming at Canaan Street Lake, a beautiful little beach.  We then went to the fireworks at Cardigan Mountain School.  It was a wonderful day.  After a little supper we got to bed around 11pm. 

Tomorrow will be busy too with my daughter heading back to DC.  Brandon and Mr. D will be spending the day together.  In the evening I'll be taking the bus home from work, then I'll have to recall how to cook for an 8 year old.  Any help gladly accepted :)

Hope you have a wonderful day....

More pictures to come, Lord Willing :)


  1. oh yea - the long awaited visit with the grandson has begun!!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! :)
    I can't wait to see some pics - but right now I know you have more important things to do.
    As for cooking for an 8 year old boy, I'd just say COOK LOTS! We keep it simple when it's just the kids - spaghetti, hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, a few veggies thrown in & some fruit. Nothing fancy.

  2. Hi Mrs. D! You know, I just saw your comment on a June post on my blog. I can't really remember how I found your blog but I can tell you I'm sure it was from another one I was reading. I really like your statement in your profile "pioneer woman with a full time job". I find it very difficult to do all that I want along with a full time job, but letting go of some things this year has helped me a bit. Learning to be more organized will help too - thats a slow process, but it is happening.:)
    You asked my location - no not CA, but Indiana. Where are you located?