Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Summer 2018

We have had a VERY busy summer.  It seems it's not over yet.  It started out with the garden.  We usually plant on Memorial Day and this Memorial Day was wet, so we planned to do it over the next couple of days and that ended up dragging out to a week.  Finally it was all in the ground.  Whew.  What used to take one day took us several.  I guess we aren't as spry as we used to be. 

This is what it looked like in May/beginning of June:
beans and a couple zucchini we didn't know where else to plant
winter squash
some winter squash in the front, peas, beets and summers

Then the garden grew... these are from July:


Winter squash, chard, Holly Hocks, squash, cukes and summers.

Then it turns into a jungle.  The squash just took over everything.  Thankfully we needed a LOT of winter squash this year to fill the void in the freezer. 

In mid August the girls invited me on a camping trip... actually I may have invited myself, but it seemed like a great idea.

Never a dull moment with these people.

sunset the first night

 beautiful little pond, no one but us
loons the next morning

Random summer...


big fish at the fishing derby

 He's aiming for first place next year
grampa and a trophy from the derby

green beans for the freezer

Skippy comes with me in the morning for my Bible reading and prayer time.
my pal "Skippy"

my garden buddy too

Squam Lake's Science Center

 This was the mountain lions cage.
in awe of nature

during our camping trip.
swimming buddies

new driver
new driver's license

the Lord blessed him with a new-to-him Chevy Impala
new car and first day of school 2018

our newest nurse.. her daddy would be so proud of her
Leah graduated …  yea!!!

lupines from my kitchen window

I'd say that about wrapped it up... but summer isn't quite over.  I have lots to harvest out of the jungle still and I'm just not ready for cold weather yet.  This week's going to be warm... but frost is imminent.  I just don't want it yet.

Hope you had a wonderful, glorious, beautiful and God-filled and blessed summer.

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  1. I don't want frost yet either! Fun catching up with your summer in pictures. That camping spot looks like a beautiful place.