Monday, December 13, 2010

Giveaway in celebration of my 1st anniversary on Green Twig

The time has come and it's sooo exciting.  I am happy to say my first giveaway is officially started.  I will be selecting names from a hat... if I have that many to draw from.  If you would like to enter my giveaway just leave a comment here.

For several years now I have been building "bee green bags" a market bag made from materials that others are discarding.  The market bag I crafted for this giveaway was made completely from materials purchased at a yard sale this summer.  The woman who was running the yard sale was selling fabric for 10 pcs for $1.  How could I possibly go wrong, so I started going through this stack of fabric and there were some really cute Christmas pieces.  This bag was made from two of them.  I made 2 bags.  One is in this giveaway and the other is going with me to our annual Ladies Christmas party and Yankee swap at church.  My tradition is to bring a bag for the swap.

Without further comment:

This bag is fully lined with pockets on the front and back.  It's approximately 14" tall and you could fit a good amount of shopping items in here.  I keep lots of fabric bags in my car for when I go shopping.  It just seems like the right thing to do.  God made Adam the caretaker of the garden and I think we still are caretakers.  If we don't take care of what we are given, then it won't be there to enjoy.  I hate seeing plastic bags hanging from tree branches along the roadside.  I just seems so wasteful and sloppy.

If you would like to win this bag, just leave a comment here and post about the giveaway on your own blog.

I also have another giveaway.  These little cups were listed on and Etsy shop for a while, but no one was interested, so I'm giving some nice person a chance to win these.
I love the design on them

These were discarded and we salvaged them.  They have a very delicate pine branch design... a little bit "Christmassy" but could be used any time of the years.  There are 3 cups, 3saucers, 3 fruit plates and a sugar and creamer.  Would be really nice for a little "Christmas Tea" with your friends.  Again, if you would like to win these, just leave a comment here and post about the giveaway on your own blog.

I will be selecting a 1st prize and a 2nd prize.  

Hope we get lots of comments.


  1. oh, Mrs. D, I adore the bag ... I have a thing for homemade, handmade stuff (and kind of reclaimed stuff in your case!). I envy your sewing talent as well.

    The little tea cup set is adorable too. It reminds me of the many pieces of tea services I have from my German family!! My Oma use to even collect tea cups/saucers, many of which my mom has & I hope to inherit (but not any time SOON!). :)

    This is a lovely give-away! I blogged about it too! :)

  2. I love the tea cups :) I'm off to blog about your give away. (I think I'd have to keep them at work to keep them nice- the almost 1 year old at home would want to "dink" out of them!)
    Happy Anniversary! :)
    Happy Holidays!
    Merry Merry Christmas!

  3. Both things are just lovely! How exciting that you have been blogging for a year on Green Twig and also that you are able to do a giveaway. I will post about it on my blog ASAP. I've been wanting to do a giveaway myself for some time (thought about it when I reached my 1000th post) but just never got my act together to do so. Maybe I'll hit another milestone in the new year!

  4. Conny directed me here this morning ~ Thank you, Conny! =)
    The bag looks fun, but my second DD would LOVE the tea set!
    Thanks so much!!! I'm getting ready to do my first giveaway on my blog too =D

  5. I heard about your giveaway on Carrie's blog so I had to come check it out. I love the bag & my Grandma has some pieces that match the china you are giving away! They are just lovely.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    I'll be posting about your giveaway on my blog -

  6. I'd love to win the tea set. It's absolutely adorable. I heard about your give away on Mary Ann's blog. :) I'll be posting on Thanks!!!

  7. Congratulations on your first blog anniversary! Both the bag and tea set are adorable!

  8. I'd love to win the adorable tote or the tea set! How wonderful that your tote was made from salvaged items! I heard about this giveaway from Mrs. T's blog. I'd be glad to post the giveaway at my blog:

  9. Hey Mrs. D! What a fun giveaway! I blogged about it here:

  10. Hi I came over here from Carries blog.I do not have a blog of my own so I am not sure if my comment counts or not.:)Thought I would say hi anyway.~Nikki

  11. Beautiful give aways. I love the delicate little design on the dishes.How sweet of you to give these 2 things away.

  12. I love your tea set! Thank you very much for your kind giveaway :)
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  13. Congrats on your first anniversary. Love the cups.