Monday, May 24, 2010

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I'm at the library tonight getting caught up on a little email and FB stuff and visiting with my blogging friends.  I had a very busy weekend.  Seems like the home chores stack up and then Saturday comes and that's all I can do is get chores done.  We also have lots of gardening stuff to do before planting this weekend.  Doug and I pulled all the weeds that were coming up from last years compost application.  The chickens love eating weeds.  Then Doug spread all the compost and manure out of the chicken coop from last year.  Aged chicken manure is great fertilizer, but before it is tilled in... yuk.  I really don't care as long as the plants grow.  We have been raking leaves and cleaning out the coop this year and putting that all in the compost pile for next year's application.

This weekend is the big planting day.  Our little plants are just stretching and yearning to be released into the garden where they can run free.  Strawberries are all flowering and we'll cover them up soon to they don't become birdfood.  I want to take some pictures around the place to get you up to date on all the happenings around the farm.

So anyway, I worked really hard all day Saturday and then Sunday between services.  Raking and mowing and hanging laundry out and cleaning and cooking.  Sunday night about 12am I got some really terrible leg cramps.  I believe it was the Sartorius muscle mostly, though it felt just horrible.  Twice last night I was awakened with these cramps.  Very little sleep and my legs feel like Jello today.  I got some Valerian which is a muscle relaxing herb at the Coop tonight after work but is seems to be making my stomach yukky.  Any ideas guys?  I don't have a bath tub, so that's out... too hot for a hot bath anyway.  I have been drinking plenty of fluids.

Well, the library is about to close.  Email me any ideas.

Love ya'll

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  1. I've heard bananas are good for leg cramps. The potassium in them does something-or-other to prevent the cramping?! I've never really suffered from cramping like that too often so I don't really know if it works. It might be worth a try!
    I want PICTURES of your farm progress!! :)
    And thank you for the update. I so appreciate your comments on my blog - I am so thankful to know that I'm not just "out there" when I share what I hear in sermons & such. God is really working on my heart -and I'm so thankful. He sure is good to all of us!