Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ima Slacker

OK, I know Ima Slacker.  In fact I may even be her!    I haven't blogged for almost a month... that's just not acceptable!  My days and nights are filled.  Lately even my lunch breaks are filled.  Today I should actually be going to get compost for the chickens during my lunch break, but I decided to write here instead.  I also have a financial issue to tackle which hopefully won't take too much of my lunch. 

My daughter's snagged me for a day last week and we went to the hair salon and hiking and also got some goodies at the Baker's Studio... my fav.  I get a haircut once a year and they thought it would be their Mother's Day treat for me.  Also they purchased an apple tree for me (Macoun... is there any other?) and we planted that right next to the driveway.  It will be so pretty there and probably drop apples on my car :)  Hey, the original drive through.

Here's a picture of the three of us... I want to say... we all seem to have the same shape, but we're working on that.

It was a really fun day for all of us... but especially me. 

A friend of mine sent me these pictures and I just have to share since you really need a chuckle today....

OK... this is me in a few years... so I'm not laughing too hard.

Have a wonderful day y'all and I'll try not to be
so long the next time.

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  1. Well, lookie who it is: Mrs. Slacker ... I mean, ah, Mrs. Doug!!! :)
    Nice to hear from you & SEE you too in the pics (the real you - not the old lady doing the squats which is, btw, HILARIOUS!). :)