Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a comment to the commentors...

Thanks girls for visiting my blog.

Kari we have already moved, but we have not been able to live in our mobile home since the contractor who did the dirt work did it incorrectly and it needs to be fixed. We have 1/2 a roof and the other portion is covered with tarps. We also are planning a summer kitchen, sun room and room for a wood furnace since insurance companys frown on wood heating in mobile homes. There will also be a loft bedroom in the addition.  We would like to have my grandson come to visit from time to time and this would be a fun room for him.

The mobile home was my mom and dad's place and when my mom passed away we had it moved to our land in New Hampshire. It is a small lot, but has lots of potential if we can get the dirt work done properly this summer and get the addition and garage done. All our belongings have been in storage since 2007.

When we went to the farm for milk last night the farmer was out watching some turkeys in the field across the street. There were 4 or 5 males all fanned out and they were getting ready to perch for the night. We watched them fly up into the large pines surrounding the field. As they flew up a deer came out into the field to graze. Our hunting season doesn't start till next week. We don't usually get a license though we have all my dad's rifles. Hunting licenses cost too much. It's easier to hunt in the chicken coop if we're hungry :) I would love to hunt though... we have had moose, bear, turkeys, and deer walking across our property at one time or other. The dog has chased bear on 3 different occasions. One time it took a swipe at her and snatched her collar right off. All part of country living.

Thanks for coming to visit... even though I haven't been around lately.

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