Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our chicks arrived today

35 - two day old meat birds arrived this morning to our post office.  It's hard to believe that in September they will each be about 10-14 lbs and headed for the freezer. 

Pictures tomorrow maybe.

Have a great day.


  1. Congrats!

    We just got our delivery of 20 fryers today. The Hubster and his friend picked up the chicks around March 18th and today they were butchered.

    The birds ended up between 6-8 pounds.

    Two hours after pick-up we had them cut, bagged, and ready to go!

    Tomorrow I'll can up the breasts and we froze the legs and wings.

    Then next week I'll take the bones and wing tips out of the freezer and make up a LOT of chicken stock. :)

  2. Hey Mrs. D! I had to come by & say THANK YOU for your wonderful comment on my post. I love hearing your experiences & your advice & encouragement.

    AND I have to tell you that I have gone thru the ChANGED INTO HIS IMAGE book & work book TWICE! Our pastor led a class on it at church - and I've read thru it again on my own. Jim Berg is a gifted teacher - and his perspective is so practical & godly & full of Scripture.

  3. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hey Kari, I'm a little envious that ours are not already in the freezer. I love that you can up your chicken. I might try doing some of that this year if I have more space by then... hope, hope, pray, pray!

    We are about 1/2 way through the book. I had purchased this book some time ago, but never read it. I even have the companion workbook, but it was sitting on the shelf for about 2 years. I so wish I had read it sooner. Great encouragement.