Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update From the Millett Farm

I have finally gotten some pictures together for all of you to see.  We spent the entire Memorial Day weekend working in the garden which included one full day of tilling.  That includes removing some rather large stones that we skipped last year...
  There were three of these that needed to be removed.  I think the frost pushed them up closer to the surface this year.  One other will need to wait for a backhoe because it is much too big for us to take out with the chain.  Notice the poor chard.  This came up from last year, so it wasn't a great loss.  We've planted more now.

All the back side of our garden is on a slope and we hope to have that fixed this year by terracing with stone and fill.  Not of major concern right now, but may have the contractor do it at the same time he comes to do the drainage.  We left half of the slope unplanted this year.
                                                                            The metal rod attached to the front of the tiller is so Mr. D can hang on while I'm running the tiller and it won't tip over.  We have a Gravely tiller that would work much better, but it needs repair right now.  

This is a very very unattractive picture of me and my tilling "getup".  I had to wear boots because my shoes were filling up with soil.  In my old garden I used to till barefoot... not recommended... but in this garden there are too many things to poke into your feet and stones and uneven ground etc.  I wouldn't dare do that anymore.

After all the hard work it is time for a little fun... after all the dog slept most of the day in the sunshine just waiting for us to get done!

Sunday was a day of rest and we went to church and had a wonderful time of fellowship. Then on Monday we started all over again in the garden, but it was so good to get all the little plants in and seeds in and now except for weeding and watering, the garden is in God's hands.

More picture on next post... this little video has messed me up for adding anything else here.

Stay tuned for more....

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