Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a little tour around the Millett Farm.  

These are wild flowers that have come back 3 years now.

Is this foxglove? This is a new one that just showed up this year.  The stems and leaves have a burgundy shade to them and the flowers are darker purple than they appear in this picture.  I really like this flower and will be transplanting it after it finishes blooming.  
A close-up of some of our lupines.

They just keep coming back no matter how they are abused.  Mr. D almost mowed them all over this year.  I caught him just in time.

Big Red and his hens.  He's a handsome boy and very good to the girls.  They always get to eat first.  He keeps a close eye on all that's happening and warns them of any danger

Here's one of his offspring.  This hen is a good mommy. She is very protective.  It's hard to get a good picture because her 4 little ones are always tucked under her wings.

The meat bird roosters at 1 month.  They really like to eat... and eat.... and eat.  They are getting feathered out now so soon we'll turn off the brooder light and let them outside.  That will make them really happy.

This is a quick picture of the duck's nest.  I estimate she must have at least 15 eggs here.  Notice all the downy feathers around the edges.  Getting all ready for little ducklings.  These are white Muscovy and they are supposed to be good moms, but she lost a nest of eggs this large already this spring.  I think she may have started nesting a little early and it was such a cold spring.  In 35 days we'll see what she's got.

Hope you enjoyed your little tour around the farms.  Maybe some day you can drop by and we can enjoy a cup of tea together.

Have a great day.


  1. If I ever get to New England, I'm definitely stopping by for that cup of tea :)

  2. I love your blog! Very nice post about Job, too. I'll be back :D

  3. How exciting! When are your muscoveys due to hatch? We just had our first hatch of them a couple of weeks ago. I heard they were good mothers too and so far she is. Shes very protective of those babies. She laid six eggs and hatched out 5. I've been trying to get a newer, closer pic for my blog but they stay very close to mom. So cute!

  4. Your Big Red really is a handsome rooster! And yes, I think that is Fox Glove. :)