Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Car Syndrome

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Kendra's story of the van reminded me of my own dark secret.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to spring is the annual car cleanouts.  My husband who's car generally is lots messier than mine, due to the stuff he hauls around... chicken feed, garbage to the dump, car parts old and new, tools... that type of stuff, got busy and cleaned out his car a couple weeks ago... in the middle of the winter.

He put me to shame. I don't have kids... so can't blame them.  I do have a dog who sheds all over everything, but mostly the grit is off my own feet and anyone who rides with me.  I usually have a small munchie on my way home from work and you know what happens when you try to eat and drive... especially if it's crackers or anything crumbly.  Then there's the junk mail that I refuse to take into the camper... we got enough stuff already.  I just put that on the floor on the passenger side and the next time I'm near a dumpster it'll go in, but right now it is just covering the floor.  At least it's keeping the carpet clean underneath :)

I really have no excuse except that I hate cleaning the car out in the winter.  You'd think I'd be more concerned since I spend 2 hour/day in my car, but it really doesn't get to me till spring, when the clean out must happen.
I love spring.  I can turn the heat off and air out the place.  Last Saturday was almost springlike, but it only lasted about 2 hours in the middle of the day.  As soon as the shadows started to lengthen it cooled right down.  I finally had to close the door because the dough would not rise and I like to have the house warm when Mr. D comes in from working outside in the cold.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and head over to to hear other true stories.


  1. Don't feel bad: my car was messier when I was single than it is now. Hope you get that springtime day soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. LOL! I feel a little better knowing I can at least blame it on the kids :) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I'm laughing ... with you, not at you! :) There are 2 things I am looking forward to cleaning out this spring - my car & my garage. Both are just dumping grounds. And I can so relate to eating in the car being dangerous: I ordered Taco Bell to eat on the way home from a farther away appt the other day - crunchy tacos = BIG MESS in the car. :)
    AND lastly, I want to say thanks for commenting on my blog - and for sharing your own story with me. GOD BLESS! That was an encouragement to me.

  4. My car was definitely messier before I had kids! I'm not real sure why that is though... hmmm... Anyway, hopefully you get a springtime day soon, myself I'm dealing with the "snowacaine" that just came through PA!