Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally a Little Unpacking

As many of you know from my previous blog, Mr. D and I have been living a rather nomadic life for some time now.  Well, we have started to bring our belongings home and into our mobile home... though it makes me a little nervous knowing that it will all need to be taken out  again and then put into appropriate places when we actually move in.  We have unpacked the storage unit we were paying for and then the last couple of weeks have taken a couple loads out of our friends barn.  Last night I ran across a box of photos that must have been packed up by my Mom.  I don't remember packing them and haven't seen many of them in a long time.  Some of the pictures I do not remember ever seeing.  My mother in law did lots of the packing for us when we moved things out of the mobile home and perhaps she was the one who packed this box... anyway, there were photos of my brother and I when we were little and of my Mom and Dad on their wedding day.

The top picture is of a friend and me outside her home.  The second is of my Dad, My brother and myself ourside our home.  The bottom picture is of my brother and I playing.  I think in these pictures I must have been 3 and my brother 7.  We are 4 years apart in age and a date on the upper picture is 1958.  It looks as though these might have been taken in the spring and my birthday is in December.

Here's another bunch of pics...

The top left is my Mom and Dad together.  The bottom left is the family starting with my Dad, Mom, Aunt Alberta, Nanna, Aunt Micky, Aunt Jean, Aunt Elenore, and Uncle Bill.  Uncle Dan was not there, the youngest.  I think he was overseas in the service at that time.  There were 7 siblings in my Mom's family. All are gone now except the youngest, Uncle Dan.  My Grampa died when the kids were quite young and left Nanna to raise them all during very difficult times.   The older ones helped out financially when they were able to.  My Aunt Jean helped to support all the family and then after her husband died suddenly, she stayed with and cared for Nanna too.  For the most part they were very close and I remember lots of family get-togethers in that little tiny house in Ocean Grove.  The house is still there, but is not in the family anymore.  I so wish we could have kept it in the family, but it was just not possible for Aunt Jean to take care of the place anymore and she went into an assisted living arrangement nearby. 

My Mom was a Godly lady who provided my brother and I with many happy moments.  She was so organized and kept our house clean and welcoming.  I miss her lots, but would not want her back here.  She's in heaven with her Savior and my Dad, though we know what her focus is... worshipping God, just like she did when living on this side of eternity.

My Dad was from a smaller family, two brothers (one who recently passed away).  His family were all from Washington State.  He was in NJ while in the Army when he met my Mom.   It was such a long way, that we did not see his side of the family very often.  I remember visiting my Dad's family twice.  The first time we drove across the United States through the northern states, and then returned home through the southern states.   On our second trip there we drove across Canada on the TransCanada Hwy. 

We lived about as far away from Washington State as you could possibly get.  My Dad and Mom were missionaries working with AMOC (American Mission for Opening Closed Churches) in Alexander, ME,  3000+/- miles from Bellingham, WA.  There's a lot more to that story and I may write it down someday.  I hope this much has been somewhat entertaining for ya. 

I also found a box of my clothes... yeah!!! It's just like Christmas!

Love ya'll
Mrs. D


  1. So happy you can begin to unpack a little!! The family pictures are great. I for one would love to hear more of your parents' story, and hope you can write it down.

    And I'm so happy you found a box of your clothes! That will be fun rediscovering favorite (or at least different) outfits.

  2. How exciting to find little treasures like that! :) I love old pictures & family history. I cherish all the old ones I have (or have made copies of).