Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little Blog Post from the Bookstore

I don't seem to have time to blog from work anymore.  I used to work on this during my lunch break, but most recently Mr. D has been giving me things to do during my lunch hour.  Today I had to get propane since it is cheaper in town than where we were getting it on the weekends.  I am glad to be able to help, but this means my "down" time is taken up with tasks.  I called him after work today and he said it would be fine for me to stop at the bookstore and work on the computer.  Yeah!  I don't have access at home yet since we are not in the mobile home yet.  I have a desk top computer that will be set up there and I can use with "dial-up".  It's OK though very slow at least I will be able to work on my blog from home when I have a few minutes here and there.

I have a few progress reports to make.  First, thank the Lord I will be getting my teeth done finally.  It has been years... about 10... that I have been waiting and now it is really going to happen.
Second, Spotty has had her jaw unwired finally so she is able to get back to her old self... hunting rats and generally goofing around.  She is so happy to have that cone off you just can't imagine.
Third, I have by the grace of God been able to keep up with my Bible reading.  It is so good to actually be able to accomplish something you planned to do.  We are busy at home, but thanks to this web site I am able to just click on the scripture any time there is a break at work.  Since I answer the phone for customer service we don't have too many dull moments, but there is usually enough and I'd rather be reading than playing solitaire!!!

OK maybe that wasn't the most important things happening in my life right now, but they are significant to me.  I know that God is doing great things and there will be lots more to come.

Our chickens and ducks.have been producing abundant eggs and we are selling most of the chicken eggs, but there doesn't seem to be much market for duck eggs.  We charge $.05 more for them.  They are quite large.  They remind me of a very large jumbo chicken egg.  I have decided to try and sell the shells.  I know that many people do egg decorating called pysanky  see here   and here -  and here -

Aren't they beautiful?  I have the supplies to do some of these, but not sure if my hands are steady enough for the job.  We took a class on this at the library once and that was many years ago.  My hands were steadier then.  I like the one to the right here.

The muskovy eggs are white and look like porcelain. They would be perfect for this craft.

I think I will try a few and see how I do.  If I can't make it work, then I'll probably just sell the blown shells for a few dollars each.

I have looked around and there are not many local sites that sell these.  The one I did see has egg shells with one hole... well we use the contents, so ours will have 2 holes.  They are small holes and easily covered over with a bit of wax, so I don't think it will be a problem for most crafters.

Well, we'll see how that works out.  I'll post some pictures here of my eggs when I have a few saved up.  I think I have 10 so far.  We do eat lots of eggs.

More later.  I hope this finds all well and happy.

Mrs. D


  1. yeah, an update from Mrs. D!! :) Those eggs are SO cool - you'll have to let us know if you paint some or sell some or both.
    Thanks for sharing the Bible study site - I'll have to peek.

    God bless.

  2. I am looking forward to doing some. They certainly won't be as pretty as these, but it will be fun to try.

    I have really enjoyed your posts lately. Thanks for the many pictures.

    I added your page as a link on the side here. Hope that's OK...

    Mrs. D