Friday, February 19, 2010

My mom had a system for everything.  She did everything according to schedule.  Washing and ironing on specific days and letter writing/visiting on another.  She even ironed T-shirts.  When we were little she was a SAHM, but after we were in school she began to work outside the home.  She was an RN and loved her job.  The rest of us were old enough by that time to pitch in and help around the house, though I'm afraid it wasn't something I liked to do... I'd rather be outside doing anything even if it was work.  I loved gardening, helping my dad fix the car, or do some construction project.  Just about anything was more interesting to me than housework.

When I got married and had my own family it was the same.  I would so much rather be outside doing stuff, gardening, riding, raking the yard, mowing, I just didn't like being indoors and at that time we lived in Colorado, so it was beautiful outside.

Now I am older and wiser.  I still love being outdoors.  Not so much when it is really cold, but on nice winter days and all summer long.  I like to garden and work with the animals and just about anything other than indoor tasks.  Now if I'm indoors doing some sewing project, that's OK.  I like "remodeling" and small construction projects and we'll be doing lots of those this summer I hope. 

I am not much at housekeeping.  Oh, the place is clean and the kitchen and bathroom are always disinfected a few times per week with bleach and elbow grease, but don't look at the floor. The dust is basically undesturbed and my spider friends have been busy all winter getting ready for the spring blackfly season. 

I have a sick duck living in my bathtub... only for another couple days though... and my bed does not get made everyday 'cause I usually leave my husband in it when I go to work in the morning and who wants to bother with it when you get home after work... you're going to get into it in another couple hours anyway.

I don't mind if people visit... I love visitors, but they must remember that this is just the way we are and if it doesn't look like something from a magazine that is not what I strive for.  In the spring we'll have a muddy yard (I mean deep mud), and the floor will never be clean.  I'll have to sweep it twice a day just so we can tolerate it. 

So now you know all my dirt... head over to  for more secrets.

Hope you don't think I'm too awful.

Mrs. D


  1. I'd say you're very much like ME & my house :) especially now with a baby again ... we're happy if there is something to eat and a few clean clothes & dishes :) (oh, and a clean toilet!) ha!

  2. The muddy yard and constant sweeping sounds like our house as well!! Thanks for joining in :)

  3. Yes! As long as the kitchen and bathroom are clean, there's food on the table, and everyone has clean clothes to wear, we're happy. My mother-in-law keeps a spotless home, so my DH had to adjust his expectations when we got married. He's been great about it, too.

  4. I don't make my bed everyday either! I try to sleep in until the last possible minute and then I hightail it to work! :)