Wednesday, January 24, 2018


From this Side of the Pond

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1. January 24th is National Compliment Day. Is it easy or not so easy for you to accept a compliment? Share a recent compliment you've given or received.
As dumb as it is, I have a hard time with compliments.  I try to do what I do for God's glory and when people compliment me I don't really feel worthy, but I can usually mutter a thank you anyway.  It's something I've always struggled with.  Secretly though it does feel good to get a compliment.  I love giving compliments, but have a hard time accepting them from others.  Hmmmm.... another thing I need to work on.

2. Ten little things you are loving right now.
The sunshine today, the beautiful Amarylis that is blooming in my office, thoughts of spring and planting season, my family and my wonderful sweet and loving husband, good talks with my daughter and spending time with the grandboy on Fridays, getting all the crud out of my backpack... it was getting oppressive in there, finally having a regular quiet time by cutting back on my schedule a bit (praying for continued good health so I can continue doing this), not sure that this is little, but the peace of knowing the Lord is there all the time.
warmer weather is coming

3. Would people describe you as a positive person? Do you see yourself that way? 
I think I'm a positive person.  I find it harder in the winter to be positive when vehicles are breaking down and the weather is grey and nasty, but there is always something to be positive about... spring IS on the way.  I'm not sure if other people see me that way, but it is that way inside.

I read here  a list/description of eight things positive people do differently-
Positive people find something to look forward to every day, they celebrate the small stuff, they're kind, they stay busy, accept responsibility for their actions, forgive themselves, know when to move on, and resist comparisons

I would say that most of these are true of me.  I'm not sure of the "resist comparisons" thing.  I don't compare myself with others very often but once in a while I do.  There are times when I just sit and think... not busy ALL the time.  Forgiving myself is difficult too sometimes. 

Which action on the list would you say you do regularly? Which action could you add to your life to give you a more positive outlook? If you're a positive person, what's something you do regularly that's not on the list?
I regularly look forward to another day.  I definitely celebrate the small stuff.  I think I am kind to others.  I take responsibility for my actions.  I forgive others, but have a hard time forgiving myself.  I tend to move on when life is difficult and I try to not compare myself with others so I'm sure that is an area that needs work.

4. Homemade chicken soup, beef stew, or a bowl of chili...what's your pleasure on a cold winter's day?

I am fond of homemade chicken or turkey soup with lots of veggies.  I don't add rice or noodles since Mr. D can't eat them, but soup and biscuits is a favorite of mine and we have PLENTY of chicken!!!

5. The best part of my day is....

I'm a morning person and always have been.  Mr. D likes to sleep in a bit 'cause he has a hard time sleeping through the night, so I can get up early and have the place to myself for a bit before he gets up and presents me his list of stuff he wants me to do. 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Randomly thinking about elections coming up in March and praying that I have a job still.  It's going to be tough dealing with this every 3 years knowing that you may not have a job if you aren't elected.  I am enjoying my position, but realistically I need to prepare in case I need to suddenly look for a new position.  I'm hoping all goes well this year as I really don't have anything to fall back on currently. 

We had to say goodbye to our little Spotty last week.  She has been a regular part of our lives for 11 years and we will miss he VERY much.  She had breast cancer and it got to the point where she had trouble walking and eating and moving around to get comfortable, so we knew it was time.  This picture was taken only minutes before the vet put her down.  She was a good dog!

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  1. How fun! You jumped back into the Hodgepodge! I am so delighted to see this post!

    I definitely see you as a positive person. You are one of the most positive, optimistic people I know.

    And you're right, the peace of knowing the Lord is there all the time ... not at all a little thing, but something to give thanks for, for sure.