Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring

Well, today IS supposed to be the first day of spring.  Not that I'm complaining... I've done enough of that already.  These are from our home this morning...
car was parked here midway through storm

the green house... looks ready for planting ?!

our hobbit home

Joanna made it up the driveway before the storm
and these are her tracks from when she left for work at 6 am

in front of the house

the chickens are all snug in their coop

the back of our hobbit home... notice the trash can... that's this storm

Joanna's hobbit home

the mobile home and well house... much of this is from snow coming off the roof
My friend from MD says it's pretty, and it is, I just have a hard time getting excited about that today. 

I'll try to post some more this afternoon...

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