Thursday, March 13, 2014

Late Winter Snow

Well, we're walking the driveway again.  Norman has been sick with the flu for a couple days and today Joanna packed him out so she could go to work.  I didn't see her leave... must have been in the shower when she went out, but I could see her tracks down the driveway.  It took me a while to get the ice off...  actually just to get the car door open as it rained a while yesterday before the temp dropped to below zero.  Everything was frozen.  The ride in this morning took twice as long, but arrived in one piece.  Thank you Lord!  I didn't take any pictures 'cause my camera was in the car overnight and was too cold this morning, but I'll post a few from the local news photo site "U Local"

we've been seeing Robins here for the past month... can't imagine there's much to eat

Jackson, NH

we've been seeing Voles all around this winter, unlike other years
I think they have either run out of food, or their den's filled up with water/ice during one of
our many winter storm
it's been soooo cold all winter I'm not sure how deep the frost has gone

because of the great variations in temperature they have been able to do a bit of tapping, but no sap today... way too cold
 Winter IS beautiful.  I don't think, even though this winter has been bad, that I'd like living where we don't have the beautiful change in seasons.  I complain more than I should.  I really am thankful for my home and even the cold weather...  it may reduce the flea and tick populations and give our moose a break.  We've lost many moose to ticks in the past few years.  We would see moose along the road quite often, but the frequency has dropped significantly and we hear from the biologists that the reduction in moose population is due to the increase in ticks.  We had a bad breakout of fleas on all our animals a couple years ago.  It was very bad.  We lost our cat and the dog was completely infested.  We found that "Frontline" was the only thing that worked, so here's an unsolicited ad for "Frontline" flea and tick drops...

Great stuff. 

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. The snow really is beautiful. I'm ready for it to be gone (along with the extreme cold) but we will sure have some catastrophic flooding if it all goes at once. God's timing will always be best, I know, so am trying to be patient for the coming of spring!