Monday, November 11, 2013

A Trip to the Great North Woods

On Saturday a friend and I took a trip to Northern New Hampshire.  When my brother and I were much younger we took a fishing trip to some places around Berlin, NH.  There were lots of logging roads due to the Paper Company pulling out pulp wood.  The whole countryside is covered with spruce and pulp paper was big business at that time.  Many of those mills have closed now or gone to recycling.  We went on Saturday even further north to the Third Connecticut Lake. 

falls on Beaver Brook

Ice forming on small branches at Third Connecticut Lake

My friend taking pictures at Scott's Bog.

Scott's Bog


Second Connecticut Lake

Yup, that's the first snows of this winter.
Later this night we received 4 inches.

We had a wonderful trip enjoying the beauty of God's creation.  Many years ago this area was logging territory.  See the history of Pittsburg, NH here

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  1. Oh, Pittsburg ... one of our favorite places on earth to get away from it all. We love the Great North Woods and I'm happy you got to experience it too!