Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Close to Christmas

I'm afraid to say I haven't done much preparing for Christmas except work on homemade Christmas gifts.   My outside lights are not up.  I haven't done the deep cleaning that needs to be done.  I haven't even caught up with balancing the budget for the last two months.  Thankfully we aren't overdrawn.... yet. 

Normally we spend very little on gifts and many things are handmade or bought at thrift stores or discount stores.  I try to shop a little all year long.  The hard gifts are the ones we have to get for parties that draw names and I don't know who I'll get till the last week or two.  I try to prepare for a man or woman or child, but then the gift never seems quite appropriate.  Maybe you have a hint on how to deal with this as I seem to have problems with it.  Plus, my husband who is totally against giving baked goods with sugar (poison) in them to anyone, will not let me make a batch of cookies for the neighbors or anyone he chooses in a gift exchange. 

I have some plans for the weekend though.  I have a gift for Mr. D's Mom and Dad that I want to finish and then I want to wrap some stuff up so it doesn't get put off till the last minute.  I also want to get the house clean and some small decorations up.   There's only so much you can put up in a camper, but I do have a few little things I like to have there to show it is Christmas.  I'll try to take some pictures over the weekend to add here and a few of little Norman who really isn't so little anymore.

I want to get a picture of him in his Corn outfit "cornboy".  He was just adorable and Joanna has the picture. 

So more to come plus some pictures of stuff I'm working on. 

If I have a Sunday School class next Sunday we are going to work on an "Advent Tree".  The symbols tell a little each day of December about the birth of Christ working up to Christmas Day.  I've looked around for some lesson plans, but haven't found any yet that I'm really happy with, so I'll be teaching my own lessons which I'd like to post here if I have some time to do it... maybe after Christmas.

Hope you all are doing well with your plans for Christ mas.

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