Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at the Millett Farm


"Millett Farm"... doesn't that sound grand?  Actually it is a beautiful little spot on a hillside overlooking a valley and distant mountains.  I don't want to say that too loud or soon they'll be taxing us for the view, but it really is beautiful.  We get to see some glorious sunsets and though the hills on that side of us are not too large, they look beautiful with their cover of snow.

We had a wonderful, fun Christmas with our family here.  Heather and Brandon came in on the 22nd at 6pm and stayed till this morning at 11am.  They took the train all the way which is a relaxing way to travel these days and not so dependant on good weather like air travel.

Here's a few pictures of our Christmas Day.

Auntie Heather with Norman and his new "hunter's hat".

after dinner treats.... yummy stuff you only have once a year.  Brandon is 11 now, yikes, he's growing old so fast.  Notice the coat.  He was continuously cold though it was warm... bordering on hot with all those bodies in the camper and cooking dinner and all.  Just a little change in climate I guess.  He did spend a lot of time outside in the snow.  They went sledding on our driveway on Thursday.
come on give me a big kiss.  Norman loves his squash.  I think it's his favorite meal.  He had a little cold and was a bit fussy... but not too much.  When they stopped in to my work this morning he was all smiles.  Cutie!
Merry Christmas... a little late... to you all and hope you have a wonderful New Year too. 

just had to add this funny picture... hey Mom... what you doin' to me?
Norman with his "basket hat"... he's a man of many hats.

God bless you at Christmas and always!


  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!! Glad to hear Heather and Brandon were able to head back today as planned.

  2. looks like the PERFECT Christmas!!!! :) Glad your girls (and their boys) were able to be with you. Thanks for stopping by my email box to leave Christmas greetings before you went off-line for the holidays. Happy New Year!