Friday, September 17, 2010

A Very Exciting Day

I am anticipating a wonderful weekend.   A friend had paid for going to a ladies retreat at The Wilds of New England and had other things that came up and was not able to make it, so she gave this gift to me.  I'm so glad she thought of me.  So this afternoon I will be leaving work early and meeting one of my other friends and we will be going to an overnight retreat.   Thank you Lord for these unexpected joys.

I will try to take pictures for ya if I have time to remember the camera.

Last Saturday was a wonderfully clear and warm day.  I was able to get the laundry out and pick the beans and get some sewing done and so thought I'd take a picture or two to share with you.

The time stamp on my camera is not too accurate, but the date is right.  Anyway, these are some fabric edged towels that I made for my neice's wedding.   I saw this idea at Sew 4 Home I bought the towels at the dollar store and thought I'd looked them over quite well, but after the edging was on I noticed a small hole.  So out came the heat and bond and a little embroidery floss and "bam" there's a flower.  Kinds cute, huh?  Should have done that anyway, even if there wasn't a hole.  As you can tell, I like COLOR.  Hope she does :)
Also made some little birb clothes for a lady at work who's daughter is having a baby very soon.  This idea came from Carrie over at Life on a Back Road.

Then from Tip Nut came the scrubbie idea.  Take a 1" strip of netting and knit it right in with your cotton yarn and make a 5"x5" scrubbie to go with the dish cloth.  I love cotton knit dish clothes and have made lots of them now for myself and for gifts.

I had time to pick almost all the beans this weekend.  I left a small section for eating fresh, but we put up all the rest up in the freezer.  I got three pots full after stringing and cutting them.  In the future we will probably can the beans, but just don't have the facilities to do that right now.

Did I mention squash?  Well here's a sampling of what we're getting out of the garden this year.  The pumpkin shape ones are a cross between golden hubbard and buttercup, and the oval shaped ones are golden hubbard.  We also planted a new type this year,  sweet meat.   Out of a whole package of seed we had two plants that made it and they produced two "largish" green squash.  I think I'll save some of the seed from these and try again next year to see if we don't get better germination.  That depends on how the squash taste.

I'm leaving work at 3 today and will let you know next week how the retreat was with pictures hopefully.  
This very appropriate verse was in the Days of Praise this morning. 

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.  Psalm 119:18

This is my prayer for this weekend.... spiritual refreshment.

God is good!  Hope you have a good weekend too.

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  1. enjoy your ladies retreat! :) I've never been to any of the Wild's camps - but our youth group went a few summers ago (to S.C.). What a blessing.
    I love your new projects - I'm sure the recipients will LOVE them too - a handmade gift is SO special.
    Have a GREAT weekend!