Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cross

I know this picture is repeated, but just had to share the words to this song.
I purchased the "You are God Alone" CD while I was at the ladies retreat and just had to share these words with you.

The Cross

The cross before us to lead,
The cross behind us to defend,
The cross below us to uphold,
The cross beside us to befriend.
The cross above us to inspire,
The cross within us to consume,
O cross surround us with your power,
Enfold our lives, our souls, our all.

The cross each morning when we rise,
The cross each evening while we sleep,
The cross we see before our eyes,
The cross upon our lips we speak,
The cross be all that we would hear,
The cross be all that we believe,
The cross be with us in this life,
The cross be with us when we leave.
The cross before us, the cross behind us,
The cross within us, the cross is all we need.
The cross is all we need.

words by Pamela Martin,  music by Craig Courtney
copyright 1998 by Beckenhorst Press

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  1. I have this CD too and love it. I never tire of listening to it. I agree -- what a meaningful song! That picture is just perfect with it.