Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Sweetie is turning 49.

Today is my Sweeties 49th birthday.  Even though he will tell you he's been 16 ever since he was 12 the truth is he's moving a little slower these days and I can tell 16 has long since gone.  He's such a wonderful husband and I just have a need to tell you about him.

A couple months after Don Peel, my first husband, died in 2001, Mr. D asked if I might be interested in "dating" him.  I told him this probably wouldn't be wise because our life was a little crazy back then.  My father had died in 1995 and my mom was needing care.  She had a stroke which brought on dementia.  The doctors diagnosed this as Alzheimer's.  She declined quite rapidly after that and then later had a fall that caused her even  more problems.  Someone needed to be with her most all the time.  She went to adult daycare, but there were some gaps of time because of my work schedule.  Friends were helping and my daughter helped to care for her.  My youngest daughter had just has a baby.  He was about 2 months old and he would come and stay with me on Sundays.  With one daughter moved out and another on her way out, it was a little chaotic at our home. 

I was still grieving for Don even though we hadn't been together in quite some time (since 1984)   He was still a good friend and someone I could hash things out with when life got a little crazy.  He had been married twice since our divorce.  I knew that even though he was not going to be in my life the same way ever again, he was still a large part of our daughter's lives.  They were grieving too.  His death was very sudden.  He was playing basketball with some friends and just collapsed with a massive heart attack. 

So when Doug, who had been a good friend and coworker for many years, asked me if I might be interested, all I could think about was all the craziness that was my life at that point.  He didn't give up on me.  He brought us a sympathy card and gift.  He was so kind.  He prayed for us.  He broke through that resistance in short order and in April of 2002 we were married.  The church was full to capacity on that wonderful day.

  I think my Sweetie is one of the kindest men ever.  He also has a great sense of humor and can talk to me when I am "nonconversive" and broody, which is especially when I have lots of stuff on my mind.  He must think some times that he's talking to a wall. 

He is very patient with me and he is VERY romantic.  He doesn't believe in bringing me decapitated flowers, but brings me beautiful perennials.   He encourages and tells me I'm the most beautiful, even though wrinkles are taking over and there's sagging in places that never sagged before.

He helped me care for Mom for years before she passed away in 2005 and he sat with me through that really hard time.  He was with me through some difficult family issues and with the passing of Aunts and Uncles and friends.   If I want to spend time with friends or family he is not jealous of our time together.

He fixes my car when it is ailing and keeps it running pretty good for an old thing.  He calls himself a "grease monkey" but he's learned lots working on all the many vehicles we have scatter around. 

He's not able to do everything he would like because of his physical limitations, but he does all he can to make our lives comfortable.  He is patient with me when I spend money meant for other budget categories and gives me "that look" that keeps me in line (most of the time). 

He cares tenderly for our animals.  We have a kitty that had cancer and had to have her leg amputated and he nursed her back.  We also have a puppy that was hit by a truck last year and her whole head was peeled like an orange.  He tenderly picked her up and took her to get stitched up.  He cares for the chickens and ducks and is a great gardener.  We both like to do the same things for the most part and it gives us lots to share as we help one another. 

I love this wonderful husband the Lord has given me.   I thank the Lord that he was persistent.  I thank his parents for raising him to be a good man.  I thank God that He saved him and made him His child and brought us together just at the right time.

I hope he has a wonderful birthday and that the Lord allows him many more to come.



  1. aw, what a sweet love story. In fact, I'm blinking back some tears!! PRAISE THE LORD for the GOOD GUYS!!!! :) I hope your Mr. D had a wonderful birthday!!!!
    You two sound so perfectly matched - what a blessing!
    PS Tickled you're interested in my 30 Day of THanks in November. It did wonders for my attitude last year - made even a "bad" day seem good when remembering God's goodness!

  2. What a sweet post. :) I loved reading your story. Happy Birthday, Mr. D!

  3. What a beautiful post! It makes me love your husband too. It's so nice to hear about strong, caring Christian men!