Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More Harvest and the Cornish Fair


Friday evening after work I went into the garden and picked more beans.  I also knocked loose one of the Spotted Hound winter squash.  I cooked that up on Sunday for the potluck and it was very good though not fully ripe it was sweet and very fleshy.  We have a good number of these on the vines so it looks like there will be plenty of winter squash this year if all goes well.

This weekend we had both grand-boys overnight.  Norman went with us to the Cornish Fair, Brandon being older and wiser decided not to go to the fair, but he came with us afterwards.  

beep beep

Look who's driving!!!  He was tickled to be driving an "off road" vehicle... a vehicle Mommy would like to have I think.  

More fun on the tractors.  This is what Grandpa would like to have sitting in the backyard.  

We had lots of fun at the fair.  I didn't purchase any food there 'cause it was way too expensive, but the animals were lots of fun and we did go on 3 rides... actually Norman went on 3 rides and I went on the big Ferris Wheel with him 'cause that was a little scary.  Then on the way home we stopped at the Meriden Market for some corn dogs and sat on the "bear benches" to eat them up.

After the fair we went home and Grandpa and Brandon went on a bike ride and then swimming in the river, while Norman played in the wading pool and Grandma fixed beans (which I didn't get done since there were literally hundreds of questions to answer).

Grandpa spent a good amount of time at the fair talking with the owner of the pigs.  He has an order in for two next spring.  Another expansion to our little farm.  I think I'd rather dress out a pig than 20 chickens... well, I've never done a pig before, but I've done other large game animals and that doesn't take all day like it does when we butcher chickens and not nearly as messy or smelly.  We'll see what happens with the pigs.  Live and learn is my motto.

Hope you all have a wonderful day in the Lord!


  1. PIGS! Awesome! I can't wait to hear that adventure!! :)
    I always thought I'd like to have goats. Our neighbors in MO did (they were African - and roasted them eventually ...). I don't want to EAT goats, I want them to eat my grass. :)

  2. We are going to be butchering our pigs shortly. It is a big job but lots of good eating when its over. We send away the hams and bacon. :) We just have to wait till we get some cooler fall weather.