Thursday, August 20, 2015


I love this cartoon.  I eat good food, just too much of it.  I heard on the radio that research tells us that if we make commitments to others, or proclaim our goals, it's not so easy to fulfill those goals.  Psychologically we tend to think of them as done if we proclaim them.  I find this is true with long range goals, but I always write down a Saturday list and check things off as I get them done.  I would like to write down a plethora of goals, but am a bit shy of doing that since so many things get in the way of accomplishing them and maybe it's true after all, if I tell people about my goals I may never accomplish them.  I'll just tell you, I have secret goals!  How's that?

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  1. Me too!!
    I've tried to motivate myself by blogging about my goals ... but I've generally found that I have not accomplished as much as I have!! LOL! :)
    Best wishes for your goals!