Monday, September 8, 2014

Now that's what I'm talkin' about.  I love these deep blue morning glories.

They go well with my red and white gladiolus.

Joanna planted some pails with tomatoes and she's been getting tomatoes quite regularly from these plants.  She started them from seed sometime in March.  Good work Joanna... Spotty thinks so too since she gets the drops.
I love these double impatiens.  They look just like little roses.  One year I had a pink variety that I bought for my mom and they were just covered with flowers and were the most beautiful pink color.  I wanted the "red, white and blue" theme though, so didn't get pink ones.

Joanna's marigolds that came up from seed from last year.

The harvest is coming in.  These were the strangest "plum" tomatoes I have ever grown.  These are drops, so I brought them in and though they are green on the outside, the inside was red and made wonderful sauce... now in the freezer.
A basket of green beans.  Lots of other types of tomatoes which are now processed in jars for winter enjoyment.
Many more cucumbers to make pickles... already have 24 quarts so maybe I'll make some different kinds of pickles too.  The summer squash has been producing all summer long.  We have this about twice/week for dinner.  I have also brought it to the church potluck on Sundays.  Very yummy.

I thank the Lord every day for letting the garden produce well.  Sunday I was complaining a little since I had to can it all up.  I didn't get done till about 2 am, but it was well worth the effort and I'll recover from lack of sleep.  I repent of complaining.  I truly am very thankful for a great harvest.

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  1. Yes, I believe I did a little "belly aching" during the preserving process as well but we really enjoy those wonderfully home grown canned veggies! YUM! Your produce looks great!