Monday, January 6, 2014

January 2014

It doesn't seem possible that we've already arrived at a new year.  It amazes me how fast the days go by.  The older I get, the faster they go. 
There is a "sameness" to my days too, work each day, clean and laundry on weekends, church on Sunday... not bad, just repetitive.  Perhaps that is a reason for this phenomenon.  We've had a busy winter too.

I'm going to relay what has been happening at our house, not so you'll feel sorry for me, but because I want us all to see how God provides in difficult circumstances.  Besides, my problems are so small compared to the problems that many folks are in the midst of and none are "life-treatening"... just frustrating.

It all started about 3 weeks ago.  My car wouldn't start.  We rolled it down the hill and popped the clutch to "git 'er goin'".  I did the same in the evening at work to "git 'er goin'" home.  We'd had some nasty weather that day and traveling home in the slop, I'm so very thankful that she didn't stall out.  It wasn't the battery, it was the starter.  We purchased a new starter and got it in, the the battery was dead, so we replaced that.  So my car is now on the road, THANK YOU LORD.  Then Joanna lost the brakes in her car.  THANK THE LORD it didn't happen on the hill, but before she had gotten out of the parking space.  Heather was coming to visit and we had the S-10, my car and Joanna's car.  Joanna drove my car to work, Mr. D cleaned out the truck and we used that to get to work and to pick up Heather and Brandon and Joanna had her car towed to the garage and it was fixed Christmas Eve Day... THANK YOU LORD.  While my car was being fixed the previous week, our septic froze up.  It's been in the negatives for a week or so and because of the early cold without much snow, things are freezing up.  PRAISE GOD, Mr. D was able to get that thawed out too and I was able to clean up the mess before Heather came.

Then, because Mr. D had nothing else to do at the time he thought he'd use the plow to clean up a bit.  The engine blew in the plow truck... no plow.  This has not yet been resolved so we are at the mercy of winter right now.  He took out the tractor thinking that perhaps he could get something done with that and the water pump went on the tractor.  We've purchased a new water pump, but it is not on yet.  Then he decided to sand the driveway because it was a bit slick at the time and couldn't get the Blazer started which we use to haul sand for the driveway. 

While Heather and Brandon were here, we went sliding.  We drove the S-10 that morning and it was overheating.  The head gasket went in the S-10.  We have taken the Neon down to have the timing belt changed and then get it inspected. The night Heather got here, I drove in and the outside lights were off.  I went to turn them on and they didn't work.  Water had leaked onto the electrical box in the well house and shorted out the wires.  PRAISE GOD, Mr. D was able to fix that the next day otherwise the refrigerator and freezers would be off and we wouldn't be able to do laundry... yikes.

Among the many praises, a neighbor came on his own and plowed out our driveway... twice.  I am so thankful for that.  I usually don't mind walking the hill, but when it is so cold, it is no longer "fun".

Winter is a trial, but is sure is pretty!!!
didn't quite make it up the hill on Friday night, but did Saturday morning... thankful the driveway was plowed when I got home on Friday night
here you can see how close I was to making it

poor S-10 sits right where we parked it on Friday last week *sniff, sniff* we sure could use this little vehicle right now

happy birthday sweet Joanna!!!

sliding... fun was had by all
ice hanging off the greenhouse... just before it slid off

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  1. oh, bless your hearts!!! As someone who has had their share of vehicles taking turns breaking down, I can see that God was good through it all. At least you were always able to get out of one dilemma before the other hit!! :) Gotta find the praise in these situations!!! :)
    It is definitely a long, hard winter ... even down south of you all!! We are having wind chill of -20 which my hubby says is "Iowa-like" from his childhood days! I guess they are calling it a "polar vortex"?! Well, whatever it is, it is COLD!!

    So glad you were able to spend some time w/ your precious family - and good to SEE Brandon!!!! :) I pray he is growing in the Lord.