Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring is in the Air

Winter seems so long ago today, yet the last few night have been down below freezing.  Checked the garden this morning and all seems well.  I have stuff in the greenhouse still that needs planting but don't do the tender stuff till Memorial Day, our traditional planting day at the Millett Farm.

Just thought I'd share a few little pictures with you today.

Here in our tiny perennial garden that is waiting patiently for construction to end so it can spread it's wings we find a fully blooming pink Barrenwort...

I've had this little plant on my blog before but it's a little bigger now and hope it will thrive until it is time to transplant to a permanent home.

This is my tiny bleeding heart started last year. 

This is my "old fashioned" bleeding heart that I transplanted here a couple years ago.  It's small, but mighty and yearning to be planted in a place it can thrive.

These little guys are surrounded by ladies mantle, tansy, phlox, daffodils, and some other varied and sundry perennials longing to be free.  Maybe this year.

Don't you just love spring?

When I see the beauty that God has created I just can't help but praise Him... and I do praise Him for the beauty of winter... I just like to garden and you can't do lots of that in the winter :)


  1. I saw two beautiful spring sights today. One was about 7:30 this morning on my way to the grocery store ... on a tree branch out over the road was a perfectly round, beautifully woven spiderweb, bedecked with dew and sparkling in the early morning sun. Later, I was hanging clothes and happened to look down and see a pretty yellow butterfly on a dandelion. The two shades of yellow were lovely together.

    Do you have any bloodroot in your perennial garden? Would you like some, if you don't? It is the first wildflower to make an appearance in our little garden.

    1. We got some bloodroot at the Rumney Fire Dept. plant sale one time and it is growing under one of our big pines. I hope to transplant that into the perennial garden when it bacomes a reality. We also found a trove of bloodroot along our walking path with it's little white blooms peeking out. It is a pretty little plant.