Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Snow

Woke up Sunday morning to this...

then Monday we planted the garden.  Monday was a beautiful day, sunny, breezy, and warm.  I got the laundry on the line and it dried in no time.  It was cool enough so working in the garden was wonderful and the breeze kept the bugs away. 

Just a little achy this morning and had lots of leg cramping last night but all-in-all and very successful work day.

Hope you had a good Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. So happy you could get your garden planted. We got our plants and stuff yesterday and Mr. T got a few hills of squash planted, but nothing else yet. We had 35º here this morning!

    1. Yes, after planting all the little plants from the greenhouse... squash and tomatoes and little tiny beets, we had to cover them up since they were predicting temperatures in the 20's, but I don't think we had frost. Joanna and I went down this morning and uncovered everything.

  2. We had checked the weather for our zip code before bed to see if we should bring in hanging plants. It said there would be a low of 42º so we didn't bother. The plants were fine, but it was a surprise to see 35º on the thermometer!